Multicoin capital led the investment of Eden network, and its research report was severely questioned by flashshot developers

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author : Gu Yu

9 month 8 Japan ,Multicoin Capital Announced leading investment in Ethereum priority trading network Eden Network, After the news is released, its token EDEN Highest rise over 56%%, The current price is 8.8 dollar , The fully diluted market value reaches 22 Billion dollars .

But this morning ,Eden Network competitors Flashshot developer Robert Miller On twitter right Multicoin Capital The accuracy of the Research Report and Eden Network The operation mechanism of , The project is considered to be less transparent and not unauthorized .

according to Multicoin Capital The report of ,Eden Network Determine the transaction order in a block by setting fair and transparent rules , It can protect users from malicious MEV The effects of , And will be beneficial MEV Financialization in the form of tokens .

Multicoin Capital Also pointed out ,Eden Focus on reducing malicious MEV And create positive externalities for the whole Ethereum .Eden Is completely transparent and does not require permission : All block producers 、 Robot operators and users can join the network , As long as they abide by the open and transparent rules of the agreement .

meanwhile ,Multicoin Capital The research report also on Flashbots and BloXroute Others, such as EVM The project has been criticized ,“ These systems do not attempt to mitigate malicious MEV, But make it easier to extract . Their system is closed , The centralized integration process excludes some block producers , And use opaque reputation scores , Make some addresses better than others .”

For these descriptions ,Robert Miller call Multicoin stay Eden I lied on the , It is not unauthorized or transparent .Eden Is a licensing system with multiple signatures , Can have exclusive control over the miners MEV spending , His team alone decides whether the miners are digging “Eden block ” And shall pay remuneration .

“ what's more ,Eden Declined to say how they decided what was Eden Blocks and when they detain MEV payment .Eden The very lack of transparency and the subjectivity of their rules means that no one can verify Eden What is the block .Eden The team claims to be very good at computing , But there is only 6% The block of contains any slots txs, Only 5% Follow the sorting rules of the white paper .”Robert Miller Express .

Robert Miller Also said , The miners are giving up production Eden block , Because when natural gas prices are high , Include Eden Miners' low price trading will bring opportunity costs ,Eden Our economic system has been fundamentally broken .

“ Of course , Providing more transparency is not consistent with Eden Interests .Eden Their success depends on their token pull . That's the only way , Miners can stand Eden And their investors want to be right MEV Expropriated 40% The tax ( Only 60% Inflation is flowing to miners ).”Robert Miller call .

stay Robert Miller Below your tweets ,The Daily Gwei founder Anthony Sassano Agree with their views ,“ When I see Tushar ( notes :Multicoin Capital partner ) When tweeting , I smiled naturally . He claims to want to help Ethereum , But it took a lot of time to destroy it , At the same time, take other chains as the solution to Ethereum problem . That's true. Multicoin It's shameless , But this is a new low .”

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