After Lao Rongzhi was sentenced to death, he cried bitterly in court: if he refused to accept it, he had to appeal

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9 month 9 The morning of , Nanchang intermediate people's Court of Jiangxi Province intentionally killed the defendant Lao Rongzhi according to law 、 rob 、 The kidnapping case was publicly pronounced in the first instance . As the defendant Lao Rongzhi committed intentional homicide 、 Robbery 、 kidnapping , Combined punishment for several crimes , Decided to carry out the death penalty , Deprivation of political rights for life , And confiscate all personal property .

After the death sentence Lao Rongzhi Cry in court  ( source : Burning news

After the trial, it was found out that , The defendants Lao Rongzhi and FA Ziying ( It has been decided in another case ) It's a relationship .1996 - 1999 Year , The two conspired and divided their work , from Lao Rongzhi is engaged in escort service in entertainment places , Find the target of the crime , Violence by France and Britain , Successively in Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province 、 Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province 、 Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province 、 Hefei City, Anhui Province jointly carried out robbery 、 Kidnap 、 Intentional homicide 4 rise . After the incident , Lao Rongzhi uses “ Shirley ” Wait for your pseudonym to abscond , And in 2019 year 11 month 28 He was arrested by public security personnel on the th .

The court held that , The defendant Lao Rongzhi and others deliberately and illegally deprived the victim of his life , His act has constituted the crime of intentional homicide ; For the purpose of illegal possession , Take violence 、 Robbery of the victim's property by means of threats , His behavior has constituted robbery ; Kidnapping the victim for the purpose of extortion , His behavior has constituted the crime of kidnapping . Lao Rongzhi plays a major role in joint crime , Is a principal , They should be punished according to all the crimes they are involved in .

After Lao Rongzhi was brought to justice , Truthfully confessed the fact of his kidnapping in Changzhou , A confession . Lao Rongzhi deliberately killed five people ; The robbery resulted in one death , The amount of robbery is huge , And has the plot of house robbery ; Kidnapping killed one person , Ransom 7 More than RMB , The circumstances of the crime are especially bad , Especially cruel , Subjective malignancy is very deep , Personal danger and social harm are great , Consequences and crimes are extremely serious , Shall be punished according to law . Despite the confession , But it's not enough for a lighter punishment . Lao Rongzhi committed several crimes , Should be punished in accordance with the law . So the above judgment was made .

After the judgment of the first instance , The defendant Lao Rongzhi appealed in court .

Relatives of the defendant 、 Deputies to the National People's Congress 、 CPPCC member 、 Media reporters and some people attended the sentencing .

8 More than months ago , The case opened for the first time , The trial lasted two days , Lao Rongzhi made a final statement , The collegial panel announced an optional sentencing . A court of law , The prosecution accused Lao Rongzhi and FA Ziying of conspiring to commit the crime , Is the principal of a series of crimes , The means of crime are extremely cruel . Lao Rongzhi argued that , I was coerced by France and Britain , It's also a victim .

Lao Rongzhi's family : Willing to sell the house to compensate the families of the victims

According to the surging news ,9 month 8 Japan , Lao Rongzhi's second brother Lao Shengqiao told reporters , As Lao Rongzhi's family , For the dead victims , They are very sorry , And willing to take the initiative to help my sister complete civil compensation ,“ Even if I sell my house , You have to pay someone else ”.

Lao Shengqiao said , He firmly believed that his sister would not be so cruel ( To kill ). Up to now , The family members have not yet been given the opportunity to meet , The request to write to Lao Rongzhi was also rejected by the relevant departments .

The victim's carpenter's widow : I hope the defendant will be severely punished

9 month 7 Japan , Zhu Dahong, the widow of Lu Zhongming, the victim of Hefei, rushed from Anhui to Nanchang, Jiangxi again .22 Years ago , Her husband Lu Zhongming was brutally murdered by faziying , Dismembered and hidden in the freezer .

1999 year 12 month 28 Japan , Faziying was publicly executed , At that time, the carpenter's family did not receive any civil compensation . Hefei intermediate people's court argued that the defendant, FA Ziying, had no actual capacity for compensation , He was exempted from compensation for civil proceedings incidental to criminal proceedings .

20 Over the years , Zhu Dahong raised her three children alone by cleaning the guest room of the hotel . When Lu Zhongming had an accident , The three children in the family are 2 year 、4 Age and 7 year , Zhu Dahong said :“ Just to support three children , He will go to town , Looking for woodworking projects in Hefei ”.

Twenty years of losing her husband , Zhu Dahong goes to the public security bureau every year to inquire about the progress of pursuit and escape , They will also consult lawyers on relevant legal issues . until 2019 year 11 month 29 Japan , Xiamen Public Security Bureau issued a circular : Lao Rongzhi, a female fugitive who has been on the run for a long time, was arrested in Xiamen .

After learning the news and repeatedly verifying and confirming , Zhu Dahong hurriedly called her children , Tell them to go home , Let's go to Lu Zhongming's grave , Tell him to come late 20 The news of .

last year 12 month , At the first hearing of the Lao Rongzhi case , Zhu Dahong once questioned Lao Rongzhi in court , Why kill innocent people cruelly ,“ Does your heart grow out of meat ?”

A court of law , Lao Rong bowed slightly to Zhu Dahong , Express our condolences to Lu Zhongming , And called himself timid and timid, afraid to face 、 To escape 20 I'm sorry I didn't turn in in , Willing to do everything possible to compensate .

Regarding this , Zhu Dahong said , The loss of a life cannot be compensated with an apology , She wants the court to make a fair decision , Severely punish Lao Rong .

Now the case is open again . Zhu Dahong said ,( If the sentence is pronounced today ) She will go to her husband's grave with her children and the judgment .

Lao Rongzhi case timeline

  • 1996-7-15

Because France and Britain stabbed people , Lao Rongzhi and he fled to Nanchang, Jiangxi , Lao used his stolen ID card to enter the local dance hall and sit on the stage .

  • 1996-7-28

Lao Rongzhi lures Xiong Yiyi to his rented place in Nanchang , After faziying killed Xiong Yiyi, he went to the bear's house to rob and kill , Xiong mouyi's wife and daughter were killed .

  • 1996-8-18

Nanchang police issued a wanted warrant for FA helao , thereafter , They tossed around Wenzhou 、 nanjing 、 Guangzhou 、 Beijing 、 Hefei and other places , Stay at every place for more than ten days .

  • 1997-10-15

Faziying and Lao Rongzhi fled to Wenzhou, Zhejiang , And robbed Liang mouchun and Liu mouqing , Two people died .

  • 1999-6-21

Faziying and Lao Rongzhi fled to Hefei, Anhui , Lao's pseudonym is Shen Lingqiu. He sits on the stage in the Sanjiu Tiandu song and dance hall , Meet the man Yin mouhua .

  • 1999-7-22

Yin Jianhua was invited by Lao Rongzhi to his rental house , Kidnapped in an iron cage . To threaten Yin mouhua , Faziying killed a carpenter in front of him .

  • 1999-7-23

Faziying and Yin mouhua's wife agreed on the time to pay the ransom , Take the opportunity to entrust colleagues to report the case to the police , Faziying was caught on the spot , Lao Rongzhi fled .

  • 1999-11-18

The case of faziying was heard in Hefei intermediate people's court . At the opening of the first trial , Faziying once 7 For the second time, Lao Rongzhi was excused .

  • 1999-12-28

Faziying was executed . Lao Rongzhi's pseudonym is “ Shirley ” Wait to hide and escape , At least since the 2016 Bar in Xiamen since 、KTV Work in other places .

  • 2019-11-28

To escape 20 After year , Lao Rongzhi was arrested by Xiamen police at the watch counter in Dongbai Caitang square, Huli District, Xiamen .

  • 2020-8-31

Nanchang municipal procuratorate suspected Lao Rongzhi of intentional homicide 、 Kidnap 、 The case of robbery was prosecuted to Nanchang intermediate people's court .

  • 2020-12-21

Nanchang intermediate people's court held a court session to hear the case . Lao Rongzhi said in court that he had been coerced by France and Britain . The prosecution believes that , Lao Rongzhi is the principal criminal of a series of crimes .

source : CCTV news 、  Surging news
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