How low is Du Haitao's EQ

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《 Happy family 》 from 1997 Officially established in , It also occupies the golden position of mango table . Need to know , Prime time is Friday , Saturday night , This is the student who just had a holiday , Time to go home and watch TV .

This period of time is beyond the reach of many programs .

and 《 Happy family 》 It occupied Saturday as soon as it came up , In the decades since then , The playback volume has been high , Become the memory of many people . After the show became popular , The host is also popular .

Not just hosting the industry , These hosts also have a place in the film industry , Especially Du Haitao .

Get into 《 Happy camp 》

Du Haitao's family is rich , I haven't experienced big storms , Joining the happy family is also an accident . Du Haitao has no outstanding talent , But especially make friends . After he graduated from Hunan Institute of mass media technology , With his own contacts, he successfully entered Hunan Taiwan .

later , With Hunan Satellite TV Li Xiang quitting 《 Happy camp 》, The program effect is instantly lowered , He Jiong has no way to support Nuo Da's program .

At the moment, the program group has only two choices , Cut off the program , Or choose reform .

After some thinking , Decided to audition , Save it , Make the last struggle .

After Du Haitao knew about it , They also auditioned with a try attitude , And because of his accent , Bring your own funny style , It fits in with the effect of the program , To win the championship .

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