The recent photo of 55 year old crystal girl Guan Xiumei changes greatly. She has been in love with a 7-year-old male star for 15 years and is still unmarried and infertile

Tencent Entertainment 2021-09-15 09:34:20

9 month 9 Japan , Star chef Edward Voon Put a photo on your social account with “ Jingnv ” Guan Xiumei's group photo , From the background , They are in a Japanese restaurant , It's probably about to meet there .

In the recent exposure , Guan Xiumei, who rarely shows up , Wearing a white coat , Lower body with jeans , With light makeup and casual hairstyle , Dress up simply without losing elegance .

She doesn't have any fat on her body , The shape is concave and convex , Very outstanding . however , already 55 Year-old she , Even if the body is well maintained , After all, the face can't resist the devastation of years . When she smiles , The corners of the eyes are covered with fine lines , The law lines are obvious , The face changes a lot .

since 2006 After filming the TV series directed by Wang Jing 《 Storm pear blossom 》 after , Guan Xiumei stopped , Rarely appear in public , Only occasionally at a friend's party .

even so , Netizens still miss her , Leave a message under her news from time to time , I hope she makes a new film . It's just , She is not short of money , No idea of coming back at all .

No wonder people miss Guan Xiumei so much , After all, she made too many classic movies and TV dramas when she was young , The charming and moving image is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people .

Maybe a lot of people don't know , Guan Xiumei and another crystal girl Qiu Shuzhen are the same Hong Kong sister . Although both of them are very bright , But they didn't win the game .

After the game , They both joined TVB. Qiu Shuzhen was soon favored by Wang Jing , Switch to the film industry , And Guan Xiumei has been floating and sinking in the TV circle for many years , Didn't make it out , Discouraged, she once changed her career .

1997 year , Guan Xiumei returns to the entertainment circle , At that time, Qiu Shuzhen broke up with Wang Jing , Wang Jing needs to hold a new person to replace Qiu Shuzhen .

therefore , Guan Xiumei, who is full of femininity, has become the only candidate . She shot one after another 《 Dragon is in the Jianghu 》、《 King of Kings 2000》 Such movies , Cooperated with Stephen Chow 、 Andy Lau and other celebrities , Gradually open the popularity .

unfortunately , She has a little stamina , He never reached the height of Qiu Shuzhen .

In despair , She chose to step back . In the same year , She met someone younger than herself 7 Year old actor Li weishang , They quickly sparked love , Then it developed into a boyfriend and girlfriend relationship .

Boyfriend Li weishang is not well known , But the family is rich , Plus Guan Xiumei made a lot of money , Over the years, they don't work or worry about food and drink , Life is pleasant .

Now , The two have fallen in love 15 Years. , Still have no plans to marry and have children , But it doesn't hurt each other's feelings .3 Month of the month , Hong Kong media have photographed Li weishang personally driving to pick up Guan Xiumei , Show intimacy .

It's like drinking water , Since Guan Xiumei thinks it doesn't matter if she doesn't get married , As a bystander, I can only send blessings !

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