Li Zi, 49, made a hand mask in the bathroom. The tiles were exquisite and filled with decorations. She sat in the bathtub and wrapped her hands in a towel

Tencent Entertainment 2021-09-15 09:33:18

9 month 8 Japan , Lizzie, the goddess of youth, has updated the dynamic on her personal social platform , And uploaded a photo of making a hand mask in the bathroom . Lizzie wrote a long paragraph , Hand care is very important , I usually do some hand care , Also taught you how to do nursing .

Lizzie in the picture is wearing a gray bathrobe , It looks plain , The skin is smooth and delicate, in good condition . From the picture , Lizzie wrapped both hands in towels , He also raised his hands and smiled sweetly at the camera , From the exposed bathroom interior , The background is also quite luxurious .

Netizens who haven't seen Lizi for a long time also came to the comment area to leave messages . Some netizens couldn't help sighing when they saw such a luxurious bathroom , And the netizen kualizi's handbag is really cute , However, more netizens still think that the goddess Lizi is very exquisite , Praise her for her good maintenance .

A few days ago, Lizzie also posted photos of herself on the social platform . Lizzie in the picture is wearing a suspender skirt , Wearing an oversized sun hat has the flavor of seaside vacation , Li Zi smiled sweetly at the camera , Reveal a pair of iconic pear vortices , I have to say that the goddess is really good at maintenance , I can't see my age at all .

In fact, Lizzie not only spends time on skin care products , Also pay great attention to diet . Lizzie also likes to share her diet on social platforms , Lizzie put the weight loss meal on a delicate plate , The colors look very bright , It's very appetizing .

In addition to controlling diet , Lizzie also likes sports . I saw that Lizi had a set of side flat support, which was effortless , The body curve is close to perfect , No wonder the goddess can't see her age at all .

Lizi is worthy of being the goddess in the eyes of many people , At the age of 50, he still remains in his twenties , But this is also bought by their own maintenance , Want to stay young , You can learn more about maintenance from the goddess , From now on, stay away from laziness , Be a delicate girl .

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