After 22 years, the prototype in Starscream was sentenced to death, and the female devil was finally punished by the law!

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Art comes from life , Many movies and TV dramas are based on real people and facts , Especially the TV series on criminal investigation , Many are based on real cases . occasionally , Stories in real life are far more ups and downs than scripts .

9 month 9 Japan , With seven lives “ The devil wears prada ” Lao Rongzhi was sentenced to death , Her life story was made into a TV play 《 Starscream 》, Many plots and pictures in the play , It has become the shadow of many people's childhood .

1999 year , Lao Rongzhi's accomplice, FA Ziying, colluded , Lao Rongzhi is responsible for selling the hue and luring the victim to the bait , Then faziying starts to murder for money . Later, faziying was arrested and sentenced to shooting , Lao Rongzhi escaped , Living in anonymity 20 year .

The case was quite sensational in those years , It also attracted the attention of TV director Zhang Junzhao 、 Well known attention . The director of the play once said frankly , At that time, they planned to make a TV play at a low cost , Just want to shoot a semi documentary suspense drama based on a real case .

Because of how much you want to spend at the beginning of the shooting of the play , The stars are also unknown actors . The characters in the play “ Milan ”、“ Ma Qian ” It is based on Lao Rongzhi , These two roles are played by Zhang Xuefei 、 Zhao Yuanyuan plays .

The two actors looked like strangers to the audience at that time , So far, people know very little about the actors in the play , The most famous configuration in the whole play is the ending song sung by Zhou Huajian . Maybe it's to enhance the sense of reality and substitution when watching the play , Many of the actors in the play are not from professional backgrounds , Acting skills are also quite green .

What surprised the director team was ,《 Starscream 》 After the broadcast, the ratings climbed all the way , The real case behind the plot has also attracted people's attention . And several of the stars in the play , But it has not become popular because of the popularity of TV dramas , Instead, after shooting 《 Starscream 》 Disappeared into the vast sea of people .

Through the adaptation and creation of TV dramas , The prototype of the play “ Beautiful female devil head ” Lao Rongzhi once again aroused the topic , She's incognito 20 Years of escape , It added a mysterious color to her . According to the wanted photos of that year , Lao Rongzhi looks quite delicate , Some even commented that , The actors in the TV series are not as beautiful as the prototype .

from 1999 In, faziying was arrested , Lao Rongzhi has been living carefully in every corner under an alias , until 2019 It took years to finally get caught .2019 year 11 month , When Lao Rongzhi was arrested, he was working at a watch counter , The police compared DNA Finally confirmed her identity .

At the end of her life 20 In the year , Lao Rongzhi had been in the bar at first 、KTV Livelihood plan , Because the identification verification of such work is relatively loose . Later I met the boss of a watch counter , And became a couple with him , Lao Rong Zhicai quit his night job .

Lao Rongzhi, who works at the watch counter , Always greet customers with a smile , Those who met her briefly , Maybe I can't guess , There was a bloody smile behind her smile 7 Lives . I want to come here , After seeing Lao Rongzhi fall into the net “ calm ” Smile , Small 8 I feel chilly .

Now , Lao Rongzhi was finally punished by the law , Although the judgment was late 20 year , But there is no way she can get away with it . When small 8 Review again 《 Starscream 》 This play is , Should no longer feel creepy , But more reason to believe in the power of justice .

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