Li Weijia's endorsement overturned, and the routine of "cutting leeks" was deep. The official criticized the star's endorsement for being irresponsible

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“ Should star endorsements be legally responsible ”, It is after the frequent star endorsements in recent years , Questions frequently asked by netizens .

Loan from Internet P2P, Then fast food 、 Milk tea ,“ Swindlers Company ” There are more and more cases of making money and running away , But it never stopped , There are even more and more serious situations .


9 month 8 Japan , Many franchisees of Li Weijia's brand , Go to the company gate of Hunan Satellite TV , Cry out for yourself , And wrote on him “ Li Weijia lost his virtue as an artist ” The words... .

original , The milk tea brand endorsed by Li Weijia “ happy XXX” The cutting-edge company ran away , Cheated many franchisees of their hard-earned money .

After the franchisee failed to protect his rights , I can only ask Li Weijia, who was the spokesman at the beginning .

in addition , And revelations , It is said that other artists of Hunan Satellite TV speak for “ Mars XXX” brand , The one who spoke for Li Weijia is a routine , It's all investment scams .

Li Weijia is indeed the spokesman of this brand , I have also publicly participated in offline activities arranged by the brand before .

Many franchisees are also his fans , Against his “ character ” Yes .

A franchisee revealed to the media , This milk tea shop attracts investment from all over the country , Yes 2000 Several franchisees .

This group of franchisee victims currently have a group to protect their rights , Most people choose to join the brand only because of the endorsement of Li Weijia . Some people invest as much as 150 ten thousand , But in the end, only 2 Thousands of dollars .

The routine of milk tea franchise stores , The brand's management problems , They don't care , But there will be a management fee .

As long as you pay, I'll give you materials , Join a larger store 13 More than ten thousand , Standard store 8 Million franchise fee , You have to pay a deposit and management fee every year , But materials are two to three times more expensive than on the market .

If you don't buy from there , And deduct the deposit and management fee .

But safeguarding rights is more difficult , Most people don't have a good business , Lost money .

Up to now , Li Weijia and Hunan Satellite TV , We haven't given a positive response to the franchisee's door-to-door rights protection .

It also cools the franchisee's heart .

2000 Multiple franchisees , The franchise fee ranges from more than 100000 to more than 200000 , The amount involved has been nearly 100 million yuan .

Li Weijia not only made this endorsement , He also spoke for fast food brands .

This hamburger company , Is belong to “ Fast investment promotion ” A kind of company , After six months of operation , Just play missing .

200 Many franchisees , After the engagement fee , The money for materials will be two to three times more than that outside . Because the investment amount of fast food restaurants is large ,200 More than 10000 franchisees have totaled hundreds of millions of yuan .

However , This lost company , After changing his vest, he became another fast food company , Continue to use the mode of rapid investment promotion .

Du Haitao

The same is 《 Happy camp 》 Moderator 、 Artist Du Haitao , He speaks for such brands than Li Weijia , It takes a lot of experience .

2018 year , Du Haitao is a network investment platform “ network X treasure ” Shoot several video ads , after “ Net treasure ” Explosion ray , Also pushed him to the cusp of the storm .

The product is 2019 Overdue in , Then a large number of investors can't get their money and principal back .

However, Du Haitao's response is , I didn't sign a contract with the company , Just a few commercials , Not a spokesman .

He also said publicly that , Before the short-term cooperation period , They reviewed their relevant business qualifications , And used products , about 2019 It will appear after three years “ Not working properly ” The situation of , They are also very sad and anxious .

Du Haitao , He also said that he would continue to follow up this matter , And communicate with the platform party and relevant departments .

But then , There will be no more .

Du Haitao has more experience than Li Weijia , In fact, it's not just this brand side thunder incident .

This year's 7 month , Du Haitao's hot pot brand has been exposed to food hygiene problems again , Some consumers found flies in hot pot greed , Reflect to the merchant that , The attitude of the other party is very bad , Also ignore the demands of consumers .

After that, the relevant departments inspected the hot pot shop , It is found that many operation areas are set unreasonably , There are even flies flying .

therefore , Du Haitao's brand hot pot shop was ordered to close down for rectification .

The hot pot brand issued a painless apology statement , Du Haitao also forwarded , Said that they would do a good job in the follow-up details , Every store should pay enough attention to , Do a good job of self inspection and self correction .

Do you think it's over ? Of course not .

A month after the hot pot shop , Du Haitao's milk tea brand has exploded again .

Du Haitao spoke for “ I X mans ”, According to the franchisee “ Per cent 99 People who , After joining, they all lose money ”.

They think that “ I X mans ” There are places where the company deceives franchisees .

Committed support 、 operating 、 Cash back after taking the agent , None of them have been cashed ; Moreover, materials are generally two to three times more expensive than those on the market , On the market 2.5 Materials that can be bought by 10000 , They need flowers 7 Ten thousand yuan .

Engaged in milk tea industry 10 Industry insiders in said ,“ I X mans ” This kind of company , Obviously belongs to “ Fast investment promotion ” A kind of company , It's impossible to make money .

This kind of company has one characteristic , After attracting investment , Committed support 、 Help run , Will not cash , And then start playing and disappear , Only when you purchase , Will respond .

Victim claims “ I X mans ” Franchisees have at least 800 home , Every company loses at least 35 ten thousand , The total has already exceeded 100 million yuan .

in addition , For Du Haitao's brand , Many franchisees have been cheated , In Du Haitao's sister's eyes , You are a franchisee “ You deserves it ”.

Some netizens asked relevant questions in her live studio , The assistant explained and helped Du Haitao shirk his responsibility , Du Haitao's sister directly offended netizens “ You deserve it ”.

Wang Han

Speak with Du Haitao X The platform is similar , Wang Han also spoke on the Internet X platform , And it's thunder .

Wang Han's website X platform , Yes 37 Million investors , The amount involved is as high as 230 One hundred million yuan .

This platform started “ On the surface, ” Strong strength , stay 2014 When the company was registered in , There is 10 Billion yuan of capital .

But no matter how bright it looks , There is also a day when the capital chain breaks .

There are investors , Can't withdraw money after maturity .2020 year 6 month , Aiqian Jin was filed for investigation by the Economic Investigation Department of Dongcheng District, Beijing , The president responded : I don't know ;

7 month , As a spokesman, Wang Han is to blame , Issued a statement of apology .

Some friends have product problems in the process of using , He said he was very sad .

And he said he would follow up the matter with everyone , Face it with everyone , It will also work with the platform 、 Communicate closely with relevant departments , Settle the matter properly .

This kind of “ network D” platform , High returns attract a large number of investors , And pack yourself very “ success ”.

In terms of interests and spokesperson image “ Driven by ”, Investors are easily blinded , Therefore, he is deeply trapped in an investment scam , Become “ leek ” Cut .

Mayi �P

2021 year 7 month , CCTV reports “ Cheat the franchise fee with false milk tea brand , The amount involved is more than 7 One hundred million yuan ”, And the spokesman of this brand is mai �P.

It is similar to other milk tea joining routines , This company is no exception , It's all quick recruit mode .

For the endorsement of brand thunder , Mayi �P There is no shirking of responsibility , Propose to terminate the contract to the brand party at the first time , And cooperate with the police investigation .

And make a statement , It means if there is pain Franchisees haven't defended their rights yet , You can write to the studio , They will help protect their rights .

Then mai �P I also forwarded the studio's statement of apology .

She feels very sorry for this , And said that as a spokesman , Apologize to the franchisee victims . She will cooperate with the investigation , It will also be more rigorous for future workers , Careful verification before cooperation , Actively supervise in cooperation .

But a few words of apology , Can you recover the loss of the victim ? Of course not .

For malii , Both Xinhua news agency and people's daily have made comments one after another , Of course, it's not just against mai �P, But the evaluation of all stars .

The meaning of the subject is very clear , Namely “ Celebrity endorsements cannot become accomplices to fraud ”“ Is it enough for a star to endorse the rollover and apologize ”.

This is actually the victim's biggest concern , Please speak for the brand , Is to see the reputation and appeal of the spokesperson , And franchisees are the same .

The way of processing cannot be changed , All are “ apologize + Rescission ”“ I urge 、 Not responsible for ”“ Reflect now 、 The future is not responsible ” The attitude of .

Because of this , Malii's social account was captured by many netizens who denounced and defended their rights .

Today's image has also plummeted , Serious lack of credibility .

Zheng Kai

With variety shows 《 Run! 》 The red Zheng Kai , In recent years, my career has been going well .

It's famous , Naturally, it has also attracted the attention of many brands .

The same routine , Similar victims , Zheng Kai's milk tea brand , It's the same storm .

The victims of the company's private franchisees have found 700 Many people , The total loss has reached hundreds of millions of yuan . And none of the victims who sued the other party lost the lawsuit , But the other party has already transferred the property , There is no property available for execution later .

The victim revealed , The company's routine is similar to that of mai �P The same as the one who spoke , After a wave of deception , Change “ Ma3 jia3 ” Continue to cheat .

The milk tea brand is still very confident that Zheng Kai is the spokesman , There are large posters at the event site , And in the statement , He is also mentioned many times as a spokesman .

Try in this way , Let franchisees trust and trust to join .

The company started from last year's 5 Investment attraction began in January , It's only more than a year from investment invitation to thunderstorm .

And this kind of situation , If it weren't for the hot search of public opinion , Most stars don't take the initiative to make a statement .

And Zheng Kai is making money , I've always wanted to make a lot of money .

After marrying Miao Miao last year , He quickly opened a hot pot shop , But then he was hit in the face .

Hot pot shops are suspected of copying other hot pot shops .

A plagiarized hot pot shop issued an open letter to Zheng Kai , I hope he can respect the original 、 Refuse to plagiarize .

For this store, Zheng Kai and Miao Miao soon after their wedding , Just repeatedly Marketing , Go to the store together , The Internet also has a lot of photos .

With the heat of the love of the newlyweds , Let netizens all over the country know smoothly , He opened a hot pot shop .

However, it is also because it is too conspicuous , The design in the store was found to be plagiarized .

The open letter works well , The plagiarism of Zheng Kai's hot pot shop soon became a hot search , After that, he said on his microblog that he would deal with it .

But the endorsement of milk tea , Because there is not much attention , Therefore, Zheng Kai remained silent .

Like many other victims of milk tea , A similar routine , It's hard to defend your rights successfully , Or rights protection succeeded , I can't get compensation .

The entertainment industry is not just so much , endorsement “ Liar brand ” The star of .

There are many other ways , All kinds of cash out 、 The routine of cutting leeks , One is deeper than the other , For example, Zhao, who was banned not long ago V.

The victim always believed that he would not be cheated , Firmly believe that what the brand spokesperson said is true , I believe I will make a lot of money .

But in the end, he is always the spokesman who makes a lot of money , It is always the franchisee who is cheated . at present , There is no spokesperson yet because of endorsements , Jointly and severally liable . Maybe future responses , But there is no such case yet .

So while you pursue the stars , And keep your little vault , Investment is risky 、 Even if it's not a liar company , There are also cases of investment failure .

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