Megan Harry had an addiction in the film and finally had a chance to quarrel with William and Charles face to face

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If there has been a face-to-face conflict between Prince Harry and Prince William , Netizens will invariably guess that it may have happened before Harry left the royal family , Including a face-to-face quarrel with Prince Charles .

Pretty good , Since Harry left the royal family , Although he returned to England twice at the funeral of Prince Philip and the unveiling of the statue of Princess Diana , Also met William and Charles , But there was no direct conflict between them .

But a little conflict may be Harry's dream , In this way , He can use “ weak person ” Your identity won others' sympathy , So as to improve attention and influence .

But it didn't work out , William and Charles since “ Oprah interview ” After that, I guarded against Harry's trick , After all , As Harry's brother and father , William and Charles know Harry's personality too well .

however , Although in the real world, you can't have face-to-face conflict with your brother or father , Then you can always satisfy your vanity through film and television works ! therefore , A film reflecting Harry Megan's separation from the royal family 《 Harry and Megan : Escape the palace 》 emerge as the times require .

This is local time 9 month 6 It's on Monday Lifetime The third TV film about Harry Megan's royal life , The two previous films were 《 Harry and Megan : Royal Romance 》 And 《 Harry and Megan : Become a member of the royal family 》.

The most noteworthy is the third film , In one of the shocking scenes , Megan died in a overturned car after a car accident , The paparazzi have been around her . This scene reminds people of the death of Harry's mother Princess Diana in real life , But in the movies , This terrible scene turned into a nightmare , Harry wakes up , Seeing that his wife and son are all right , He breathed a sigh of relief .

without doubt , All eyes can see , The plot of the film is from the perspective of Harry Megan , Made to satisfy the vanity of the couple , Most of the stories in the film are contrary to real life . Except for Megan's reproduction of Diana's death , Harry also had face-to-face clashes with William and Charles during his two return to England .

At the unveiling of the statue of Princess Diana , Harry and William in the film don't get along well , But there was a conflict . In the video , Harry accused William of not talking openly about racism . therefore , The two brothers quarreled in the garden of Kensington Palace .

William told Harry ,“ The problem is not color , It's culture . Megan is an American , She acted more like a celebrity , Not members of the royal family .” But Harry replied angrily ,“ You need to make a statement with me condemning racism . As the future king , You need to promote this terrible bullying .”

Besides , William also discussed the skin color of Harry's son Archie , He said to Harry ,“ I agree for the last time , Family diversity is a good thing .” In this movie , Harry also had a face-to-face quarrel with his father Charles , Because Charles refused to meet him to discuss his concerns .

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