Experts suggest that artists work with certificates? Guo Qilin and Wang Baoqiang bear the brunt of the great influence on the two types of artists

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Nearly period of time , Because of the scandal of many artists , The entertainment industry is in the midst of consolidation , Bad artists , Vulgar net red , Cultivation department and other types of artists have been officially named , Some of these representative artists , Miss Ruguo , Zhao and others have also been completely removed from the public view .

Although the official rectification of the entertainment industry is very gratifying , But behind this major rectification , It also makes many people see the chaos behind the entertainment industry . In response to this confusion , Some experts suggest that artists should be like hosts , Work with certificate . After this proposal is issued , There has been a heated discussion on the Internet .

After all, the entertainment industry now , When artists say that the threshold is high, it is also very high , The threshold is also very low , So high that ordinary people can't get in , It's so low that an individual has a chance to enter . If artists are really employed with certificates , So it's bad news for many people in the entertainment industry , For example, the following two types .

One “ Nine leaky fish ” idol

A few years ago, some artists who became popular because of some talent shows , Basically, it is because of the personality and appearance conditions that people like , But education or some educational quality is undoubtedly a big weakness for these people . For example, Yang Chaoyue is a typical example , With “ Village Flower ”,“ A small crying bag with high appearance ” Wait for the label to quickly push her to the top , He became the most popular player in the draft at that time , After the successful debut in a group , The whole group is also her best in the entertainment industry .

But graduating from junior high school is also a disadvantage she has to admit , If artists work with certificates , For these artists with weak learning ability , The threshold for entering the entertainment industry will be much higher .

But at home , There are still few such artists , Many Chinese Americans went to Korea to pursue their dreams in their youth , Although going to South Korea to practice is also a disguised “ Go abroad for further study ”, But after returning home , Because of the lack of nine-year compulsory education in China , Some basic educational knowledge can't , Netizens also jokingly call these people who lack nine-year compulsory education “ Nine leaky fish ”.

Like Huang XuXi 、 Huang Minghao, these returned idols, are the representatives of this , In a variety show , Huang XuXi looked at the guests and quickly calculated out 2×4,8×7 Equal basic multiplication formula , Surprised to call the guests mathematical genius . To see this , Many fans describe this behavior as very cute , It's amazing to lose your chin , As a 21 People born in the th century and living in a normal society , Can think of multiplication formula as a mathematical genius , Fans also boast of being cute , I'm afraid it will “ Retarded ” and “ lovely ” Make an equal sign .

This also reflects a disadvantage of modern star chasing , Fans in the rice circle have no brains to praise their idols , Some seem to have reached the point of ignoring common sense , Obviously, it is a very sad thing , You can always find a commendatory word in the mouth of fans to find advantages .

If artists work with certificates , I'm afraid these artists will be eliminated in the entertainment industry for a long time .

Two Have a national reputation , But illiterate actors

Except in the entertainment industry “ Nine leaky fish ” Beyond the idol , Some have accumulated public praise and popularity through their works , But artists who have been labeled as uneducated will also be affected . For example, Wang Baoqiang and Yue Yunpeng , One depends on movies , One depends on crosstalk , Now they are all recognized as good actors , But when it comes to education , These people are really short boards .

And they are not the only ones with low education , As we all know, many artists in Deyun club are famous for their lack of culture , Like their “ The eldest brother ” Guo Degang himself , For example, Guo Qilin , Another example is Deyun society ” Be a popular student “ Qin Xiaoxian et al , Are representatives of low education , But I have to admit that , Low education level is not equal to no education .

For example, Guo Qilin , Gu Neng recites the classics , Now I can know political affairs , In addition to the low level of Education , Others are praised other people's children , His cultural quality may be deeper than most people with higher educational level than him .

But this is a minority after all , Most people with low educational level do have more difficulties in the exam than those with high educational level .

For those who have achieved success but need to get a new certificate , The system of working with certificates can be said to be a major blow . And for them , There's nothing wrong with your business ability , There's nothing wrong with art and morality , But all of a sudden, it needs to be verified , It's a little wronged . When there is no way to guarantee a 100% pass rate , These people are afraid to sift out some .

And I have to admit that , Although there are a large group of artists in China , But there are not many artists of Yide Shuangxin , If you filter out these people because of a certificate , It is also the loss of the entertainment industry and the public .

Therefore, the real implementation of employment with certificates , There are advantages and disadvantages , When screening out a large number of artists who lack culture , It's also easy to sift out a small number of excellent people , So we should be cautious .

In fact, the measure of working with a certificate was adopted in the last century 90 It has been implemented since the s , At that time, some actors needed relevant qualification certificates to perform on the stage , But because it is easy to manage, we began to simplify administration and delegate power , here we are 21 At the beginning of the century , This rule has also been abolished .

Although there are many immoral artists in the entertainment industry , Artists do vulgar things to attract attention, etc , However, employment with certificates may not be able to effectively solve this problem , Moreover, this approach will also be beneficial to many people who do have business capabilities , But the lack of test ability has an impact on good artists .

And this is just a prior management , There are also many prodigal people in the entertainment industry , For example, Gu Tianle , Zhang Jiahui et al , There are also some people who lose themselves after entering the circle , For example, Zhao , Fan , Wu and so on , Therefore, the final trend of the artist, the artist itself is the decisive factor , Relying on prior management can not ensure that artists do not forget their original heart .

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