Yi Nengjing basks in her daughter's rice grains to see Zhan Meng's photos and reveals that her son has no plan to participate in variety drama at present

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9 month 9 On the afternoon of Sunday , Yi Nengjing shared a group of cute photos with her daughter Mi Li at the exhibition on her personal social platform , The mother and daughter did not take a group photo this time , Yi Nengjing photographed her daughter's cute state through the palm mirror , A good mother .

In the sun photos , Millet is covered with long black hair , Wearing a white princess dress , Step on sandals , The overall look is beautiful and cute . Little Nizi is in her mother's camera pose It's concave , But lovely love , It's so cute .

Enlarge the picture , The sandals Xiaomi wears seem to have some visual sense of small high heels , It becomes more and more foreign in an instant . Actually, when the rice was small, it was once dressed by make complaints about the outside “ Rustic ”, It doesn't look good , I didn't inherit my mother's beauty . Although now Yi Nengjing seldom reveals her daughter's face , But the little rice grains have come out and become a slim little Laurie , Clothes are becoming more and more fashionable , Every time you enter the mirror, you will feel full of fashion . And this time I watched the exhibition with my mother , Xiaomi's body look It's too eye-catching , It's a beautiful little princess. That's right .

In another shot, the rice grain is looking up at the picture on the wall , Little girl wears glasses , Even if you don't turn your head and show your face , But I can still feel her seriousness . And from this point of view , Rice grain's hair is so good , It's dark and heavy , It is estimated that many aunts can't help admiring .

When Yi Nengjing's daughter was young, she often showed her cute face , But as the rice baby grows up , Almost every time I appear on the camera, I will be coded by my mother , The heart of protecting women can be seen at a glance .

But from the nearest sprout of rice grain , She did grow up 、 Much taller , The same long legs as Dad envy others . thus it can be seen , When millet grows up , It's probably a little beauty taller than her mother .

In addition to sharing your daughter's cute state , Yi Nengjing also mentioned her eldest son Harry this time . Yi Nengjing said that Harry was not involved in the variety show at present 、 The plan of the play , Will focus on painting 、 Video and music .8 Month of the month , Harry opened a personal V Bo , He said he would release his music at the end of the month , Officially announced . I thought he would be like a lot of fresh meat , Develop in different fields , I didn't expect Harry to be so calm , Still focus on what you like , excellent .

To say , Although Harry just announced his debut, it wasn't long , But he's been getting a lot of attention . On the one hand, it's because my father Yu Chengqing 、 Mom, Yi Nengjing is a public figure , On the other hand, he has attracted much attention for his own reasons .

as everyone knows , Harry liked wearing heavy make-up and women's clothes very much earlier , And these shapes have been made public several times , It shocked netizens . After all, as a Star II , Every move can be magnified , So when Harry's pictures of women's clothes were exposed , The Internet immediately fried the pot , All kinds of sarcasm at him 、 The voice of controversy continues , Even Yi Nengjing was implicated .

Regarding this , Harry also asked his mother in an interview , When you do something that most people think is more maverick , Has the other person ever been confused .

As a recognized good mother , When Yi Nengjing heard about her son's problem , Just gently tell my son , She never felt that her son was independent . More Than This , Yi Nengjing also said frankly that Harry was recognized as “ personal independence of conduct ”, It is precisely the most important significance of his existence in the world . Have to say , Yi Nengjing is getting along with her son , Really great . Face your son's “ outlandish costume ”, She never scolded , On the contrary, he supported . So there is such a mother who understands herself , Harry is really happy .

Now Harry is still happy to be himself with his mother's support , Then I hope he can always keep his original heart , Shine in your own field .

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