Apt organization tracking and traceability

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In the attack and defense drill , High quality blue team reports often need to be traced to the attack team 、 Domestic criminal gangs 、 Abroad APT attack .
At this stage, the red team often protects its own information better , According to the previous successful cases of traceability, it is still through the front end js Get users ID Information 、mysql Counteract 、 High cross honeypot, bait delivery and other means to obtain .
Except the red team , Domestic Mafia gangs and foreign APT Attack can also add points , So I usually do APT The tracking and discovery of the organization plays an important role .

APT Attack definition

APT attack (Advanced Persistent Threat, High level persistent threat ) Organization ( Especially the government ) Or small groups use the current advanced attack methods to carry out long-term and sustained network attacks on specific targets .APT The advanced embodiment of attack lies in accurate information collection 、 A high degree of concealment 、 And the use of a variety of complex network infrastructure 、 The precise attack of application vulnerabilities on the target . The attack form of the attacker is more advanced and advanced , It is called the highest level security confrontation in cyberspace .APT It's hackers who steal core information , Network attacks and attacks against customers .

APT( High level long-term threat ) There are three elements : senior 、 long-term 、 threat . Advanced emphasizes the use of sophisticated malware and technology to exploit vulnerabilities in the system . The long-term implication is that an external force will continue to monitor specific targets , And get data from it . A threat is an attack that is artificially planned .

APT The principle of attack is more advanced and advanced than other forms of attack , Its advanced nature is mainly reflected in APT Before launching an attack, it is necessary to accurately collect the business process and target system of the target . In the process of collecting , This attack will actively exploit the vulnerability of the trusted system and application of the attacked object , Use these vulnerabilities to build the network needed by the attacker , And make use of 0day Vulnerability to attack

APT Organization chart

APT Common ways to attack

  • Harpoon attack
  • Puddle attack
  • Download by road
  • social engineering
  • Instant messaging tools deceive

Take stock of those who attack China APT organization Top5

APT-C-00 Anemone

OceanLotus( Anemone )APT The organization is a long-term organization for China and other East Asian countries 、 Southeast Asian countries ( region ) The government 、 Scientific research institutions 、 Attacks in areas such as maritime enterprises APT organization , The organization is also the most active in China APT One of the organizations , This organization mainly uses spear attack and water pit attack , Infiltrate with a variety of social engineering means , Spread special Trojan programs to specific target groups in China , Secret control of some government personnel 、 Computer systems for outsourcers and industry experts , Stealing confidential information in related fields of the system , By tracking its attack tactics and targets over the years ,OceanLotus It is likely to have a background of foreign government support 、 Highly organized 、 Specialized overseas national hacker organization

APT-C-06 Darkhotel

APT-C-06 The organization is a long-term active overseas organization APT organization , Its main target is China and other countries . The main purpose of the attack is to steal sensitive data and information for cyber espionage attacks , among DarkHotel Our activities can be regarded as APT-C-06 Organize one of a series of attacks . In the attack on China , The organization is mainly aimed at the government 、 Attack in the field of scientific research , And very focused on a particular field , Related attacks can be traced back to 2007 year , It's still very active .

APT-C-08 Araliaceae

Araliaceae (APT-C-08)APT The organization is a long-term target for China 、 Pakistan and other countries carry out attacks APT organization , Mainly attacking the government 、 Relevant units in electric power and military industry , Mainly stealing sensitive information , With a strong political background , It is currently an active overseas enterprise that attacks domestic targets APT One of the organizations .

APT-C-01 Poison Yunteng

APT-C-01 The organization is a long-term organization for domestic defense 、 The government 、 Important institutions in the fields of science, technology and education carry out cyber espionage attacks APT gangs , Its earliest attacks can be traced back to 2007 year , The gang is good at harpoon attack and puddle attack on the target , Implant the modified ZXShell、Poison Ivy、XRAT Commercial Trojan horse , And use dynamic domain names as its control infrastructure .

APT-C-24 Rattlesnake

Rattlesnake (SideWinder) The organization is a mature attack organization , The APT Organizations are good at using office Loophole 、hta Script 、 White and black 、VB Trojan horse and other technologies to attack , And attack tactics are still evolving . At present, the organization's attack targets are mainly in Pakistan , But because of Geography , Nor does it rule out launching attacks against targets in China , Therefore, the relevant departments 、 Units and enterprises must not take it lightly .

APT Organization discovery traceability

Internal passive discovery

Alarm through safety equipment , Found a match IOC Or horizontal attacks in the intranet , Further analyze the source of evidence collection ( It's usually hard to find )

Internal proactive reporting

Through the active reporting of the attacked person , Such as mail phishing 、 Terminal exception events . It is necessary to strengthen the internal network security publicity

Internal active trapping

Through high cross honeypot equipment , Or seduce information . Trap related organizations to attack , Then capture relevant samples and organization information .

External open source intelligence

Second hand intelligence

The content of second-hand intelligence lacks accuracy research and judgment , The authenticity of the content needs to be considered , It can only be used as a reference

  • Threat analysis report of domestic and foreign security manufacturers 、 Safety information and news information
  • Safety manufacturer's safety notice
  • Social networks ,twitter、 The official account, etc
  • APT Historical report sorting site

The types of intelligence we need to focus on

  • Security news
  • Blackmail Software 、 Mining virus 、 Analysis of malicious code such as exploit software
  • 0day Analysis of vulnerability and vulnerability utilization technology
  • Attacks , Directed against , Malicious mail delivery , Supply chain attacks, etc
  • APT Organization analysis report 、APT Event analysis 、APT technology

First hand information

Malware capture analysis
Wikileaks secret document disclosure

The attacker found

For different APT organization , Often use different attack methods , For example, poison cloud vine , It can be seen from the online bug information that it will download a control domain name named tiny1detvghrt.tmp Malice payload. adopt ZoomEye or fofa And other space search engines , Search for the corresponding content , It is possible to search the corresponding payload Download the machine , And then... To it IP Attribution of , Historical port , Further analyze the activity time and other information of the service

APT Organizational resolution means

about APT Organizations usually attack from their entrance 、 Encoding mode 、 encryption 、 Malicious tools 、 Exploit 、IOC、 Task activities to distinguish

Traditional means
Malicious sample capture
Static analysis :
file name 、 file size 、 Time cut 、 Shell information 、 Compiler information 、 entry point 、 Code segment size 、 The name of the virus 、SSDEEP
dynamic analysis : Derived file name 、 Derived file path 、 Registry keys and key values 、 domain name 、IP、URL、IP Location

Emerging means
machine learning :
For data training , Through multi-dimensional data comparison . Build a data model

Structured output

type Content
Organization name XXX
Attack the target The government 、 energy
Attack the country China
Attack purposes To steal information 、 Sensitive information 、 blackmail
Attack time cycle time
attacks Harpoon attack → Put on the ps Script →RAT
Bait type doc、lnk etc.
Write language C、C#、VB、powershell etc.
arsenal CVE-xxx-xxx

APT defense

At present, the popular defense in the industry APT There are three ways of thinking :
1、 Use advanced detection technology and associated data analysis to find APT Behavior , A typical company is FireEye;
2、 Adopt data encryption and data leakage prevention (DLP) To prevent the leakage of sensitive data , A typical company is Symantec ;
3、 Adopt identity authentication and user authority management technology , Strictly control intranet access to core data and services , A typical company is RSA.
The best defense way for general enterprises is to improve personnel's safety awareness , because APT Attack entry points are often attack chains constructed for specific personnel , The second is all kinds of safety measures .

APT Traceability and blue team work

As a blue team , Our main focus is on attack capture and target matching .
1、 Counter attack the host that we initiated the scan from the daily , Then look for malicious programs from broilers 、 Remote control Trojan etc , Then, after sandbox analysis, the IOC Target matching with features
2、 Extract malicious programs from anti-virus or mail gateways 、 file , Then analyze its IOC Target matching with features
3、 Highly interactive honeypot capture , In the high interaction honeypot, there are often malicious programs left by attackers , Further extraction and Analysis , Last match
4、 Track the impact on the energy industry 、 There are attacks in the power industry APT organization , Collect their attack methods and samples , Internal monitoring and matching , After discovering the attack, you can quickly compare


In the daily work of the blue team , analysis APT The organization's attack methods and processes help us better defend against its attacks , At the same time, it can be on its attack path node , Targeted deployment of countermeasures , Help us better carry out traceability and anti-counterfeiting work . The ultimate goal is to explore its attack purpose and target range , Try to find out in time APT attack

Reference material

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APT Related information

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