What are the types of server certificates

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The server certificate installed on the website is also called SSL certificate , When we bought this certificate , The key point is to specify the server certificate type , In order to select the right for the website SSL certificate . that , What are the types of server certificates ? Today, Xiaobian will introduce to you .



What are the types of server certificates

Server certificates are divided into domain name certificates 、 Organizational certificate 、 There are three types of extended certificates , How to choose often depends on the application scenario of the website .

 What are the types of server certificates _ssl certificate

frequently-used SSL Certificates are mainly domain name certificates DV, Divided into three : Single domain name certificate 、 Multi domain certificate 、 Wildcard Certificate . From the literal meaning, we can also roughly understand that a single domain name certificate is only for users with only one domain name , A domain name corresponds to a certificate . Usually used for relatively simple websites . Multi domain name certificate is a certificate that can protect multiple different domain names , Depending on the certification authority , The number of domain names supported by certificates also varies . Wildcard certificates are types that cover everything on the root domain name or host name , Most importantly, it will include all subdomains .

At present, most domain name registrants or hosting service providers in the market are selling SSL certificate , There are also some free SSL certificate , But most of them have expiration dates , Usually 1~2 year . Another free SSL Certificates are also DV( Single domain name ) Class . Therefore, we need to decide which type of certificate to choose according to the actual application scenario of the website , Enterprise applications SSL The certificate should also pay attention to and consider the construction and management of domain names 、 Factors such as certificate cost , To maximize SSL The value of certificates , Secure the website .

At this stage, most domain name service providers or escrow service providers in the sales market will sell SSL qualification , Some are completely free SSL qualification , But most often have a validity period , It's usually 1~2 year . Another completely free SSL Qualification certificates are all DV( Single site domain name ) Class . Therefore, the selection of which kind of qualification certificate must be made according to the specific application field of the platform website , Company use SSL The qualification certificate should also care about and take into account the basic construction and management methods of website domain name 、 Qualification certificate cost and other elements , And then give full play to SSL Use value of qualification certificate , Ensure website security .



  How to choose the right for the website SSL certificate

1、 Depending on the type of certificate

DV SSL qualification ( Website domain name authentication type ): Only verify that the website domain name is suitable for all personal pages 、 Blog and other website applications ;OV SSL qualification ( Company certified ): Verify the true identity of the unit where the platform website is located , It is suitable for middle and late ten day company level customer applications ;EV SSL qualification ( Expand certified ): Expand the real identity of the unit where the certification platform website is located , Suitable for company level customer applications with high aspect ratio trust . Such as financial institutions in the financial industry , Electronic business platform . You can choose what you want in weikeyun ssl certificate .

2、 Total number of applicable website domain names

Usually , One SSL The qualification certificate matches 1 A website domain name . Only the wildcard qualification certificate and its multi domain name certificate are applicable to several website domain names . So if the customer has several website domain names , Also pay attention to the selection .

3、 The safety factor of the platform website

If the safety factor of the platform website is relatively high , For example, it will involve money trading, etc , Also select the applicable mandatory 128/256 Bit data encryption SSL qualification , That can avoid some security risks .

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