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brief introduction : With the rapid growth of enterprise business , A simple table or crosstab shows a relatively fixed data pattern , It can no longer meet the needs of users with different roles in the enterprise 、 The demands of visual analysis of data in different business scenarios . At the level of meeting the visualization needs of business personnel ,Quick BI It not only provides rich chart components , It also provides Chinese style report making function - The spreadsheet .

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Quick BI_—— Alibaba cloud customers are using BI product ( China is the only one selected Gartner ABI Magic Quadrant BI), Seamlessly connect various cloud databases and self built databases , Greatly improve the efficiency of data analysis and report development ,0 Code mouse drag and drop operation interaction , So that business personnel can easily realize the visual analysis of massive data ._

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Making complex reports is a painful experience . Some complex reports have multi-dimensional parameters , Have multiple in table 、 Associations between tables , A little care , The whole report is in disorder , Manual adjustment is also time-consuming and laborious ; Some report headers have complex formats , The big grid on the third and fifth floors covers the small grid , It also involves two points 、 Three slashes . Detailed 、 The summary data is concentrated on one table . Data preparation requires a lot of complexity SQL To write , And the form maintenance cost is high , This discourages the business personnel who make reports .

With the rapid growth of enterprise business , A simple table or crosstab shows a relatively fixed data pattern , It can no longer meet the needs of users with different roles in the enterprise 、 The demands of visual analysis of data in different business scenarios . Enterprises urgently need an intelligent tool to efficiently meet the production of various styles of complex reports , To reduce the cost of form R & D and maintenance , Business personnel can also generate Chinese style complex reports by themselves , Improve the ability of enterprises to look at data 、 The efficiency of using numbers .

Quick BI The spreadsheet , towards “ complex ” The report says bye bye

At the level of meeting the visualization needs of business personnel ,Quick BI It not only provides rich chart components , It also provides Chinese style report making function - The spreadsheet .


In the beginning ,“ Chinese style ” The term report is relative to foreign report tools . Most foreign report tools can only do simple format 、 Report with style rules , After coming to China , It is found that many report requirements cannot be realized , So we call complex and difficult statements “ Chinese style ” report form .

See the following figure for details, and intuitively feel the Chinese style report , Figure 1 has the obvious characteristics of Chinese style report :

  • The row and column headers are the same ;
  • Detail and summary data are the same ;
  • There is irregular nesting of multi-level headers ;
  • There are many and complex indicators . title=

Figure 1   A typical Chinese style report

In order to better fit the application scenario of customers' complex reports ,Quick BI Spreadsheet starts from the financial industry with extremely complex reporting needs , Sort out and summarize the report requirement templates commonly used by customers , Product function abstraction , And quickly iterate and update product capabilities . Such as on-line slash cell 、 Multi subtotal function calculation 、 Block coloring 、 Automatic row and column expansion . On the one hand, it meets the visual relational data of different enterprise customers 、 Hierarchical data analysis and presentation requirements , It is easy to crack the complex Chinese report header 、 A lot of information 、 Multiple data sources 、 The calculation is complicated 、 The structure is free to make pain points . On the other hand, it helps customers to efficiently build the viewing and decision-making link of data center project .


Figure 2   Report requirement template of a financial customer data center project

Next, take a financial industry customer complex report scenario as an example , Take you to know Quick BI The power of spreadsheets .

Highlight feature 1 : Easy to operate

Quick BI The spreadsheet , Lineage class Excel Online designer interaction , The cost of learning is low , Quick start . Support online import 、 export Excel, Have the ability to quickly customize function calculation , Support multiple data source connections and the ability to have free-form tables . Report editing 、 preview 、 Export is subject to permission control , While ensuring data security , Reduce report maintenance costs . 

Quick BI The spreadsheet main interface is divided into three functional areas : 


Figure 3  Quick BI Spreadsheet operation interface

【 The toolbar 】 Basic operation class Excel, You can quickly merge cells 、 Format data 、 Insert chart 、 Insert conditional format and other operations .

【 Creative area 】 You can directly double-click the cell to edit the input text , Right click on a cell to insert rows and columns 、 Delete 、 Copy 、 Paste 、 shear 、 Slash cells and other operations .

【 Data panel 】 Bind data set , Support simple data cleaning 、 Handle , Different data sets can be switched . Business personnel can flexibly select indicator fields as needed , Update to cell . At the same time sheet Quick style configuration and grouping calculation for multiple pivot tables in .

Highlight feature 2 : Function calculation between cells

In the process of making reports , Some data needs to be dynamically calculated through the data in the cell .Quick BI Support database functions 、 Date and time functions 、 Financial functions and other types of functions , Compatible  450  More than species  Excel  The formula . Users can easily expand , Meet the custom formula 、 Multi scenario computing requirements such as cross table reference , Achieve data aggregation , Continuously improve effective data .

besides ,Quick BI The data panel also supports quick totals 、 Subtotal function calculation operation . At the same time, the personalized coloring ability of different blocks is matched to improve the interpretability of report data .


Figure 4   A bank's supervision report

Highlight feature 3 : Free form  

Quick BI The spreadsheet , Multi level header is supported 、 Header merge , Multi level floating 、 grouping 、 Diagonal meter head 、 Complex report style such as multi table body . Double click a cell and manually enter text as a fixed header , The indicator field of the dataset can be synchronously updated as the header , You can also bind data sets to do row and column dynamic headers .

By using “ merge cell ”、“ Diagonal meter head ” And other simple configurations , This will make the header hierarchy clearer , You can define “ The format is complex , A lot of information ” Financial regulatory statements , It can be realized, including but not limited to various details 、 Group report 、 Cross Report 、 Master sub report 、 Column report 、 Query class report 、 Preparation of filling reports and other forms .


Figure 5   A bank's supervision report


Figure 6   A bank business statement

Highlight feature 4 : Multi source data table

When making complex reports , You will encounter data from multiple original tables , You even need to consolidate multiple raw data tables . Whether it's doing ETL machining , Or write SQL Do multi table query , There are certain difficulties . Now? , Data R & D personnel can be based on Quick BI Data set capability enables multi table Association , New calculated field , Light weight such as filtration ETL operation , Efficient generation of data sets . Business personnel can quickly select indicators from different data sources and update them to PivotTable cells . Through the ability of multi-source data table , Column headers can be customized 、 Rows and columns are multi-level .


Figure 7   A bank business statement

Highlight feature 5 : Form subscription

From daily business analysis report 、 Weekly report , To performance appraisal reports and complex regulatory reports , Users can combine business requirements at will DIY. In order to better accelerate the effective circulation of data in the enterprise ,Quick BI Spreadsheets can be used in combination with subscription functions , Through the mail 、 Nail notification 、 Nail group and other channels push data reports regularly , Help people perceive business problems in time , Improve the efficiency of data-driven decision-making .


Figure 8   Schematic diagram of spreadsheet report push


adopt Quick BI The spreadsheet , Complex and abstract business requirements can be easily transformed into intuitive visual tables , Help us improve the efficiency of data report making and help us dig gold from data , Truly realize the freedom of the report form .

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