Together with alicloud, grafana labs will provide the first grafana hosting service in China

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In recent days, , Data visualization company Grafana Labs Establish a core partnership with Alibaba cloud . Both sides will give full play to their respective advantages , In observable products 、 Carry out all-round cooperation in terms of service support , Build together Grafana hosted services , Help enterprises quickly have the observability of real-time query and data visualization of various data sources . This cooperation , It's also Grafana The first in-depth cooperation with cloud manufacturers in the Asia Pacific Region , Both parties will provide the first... In China Grafana hosted services .


With the continuous landing of cloud native technology , Data observability technology for distributed applications and containers , Cover from front to back 、 From the infrastructure layer to the application layer , Become a necessary operation and maintenance capability for enterprises . With its rich visual Kanban 、 Multi data source access and other characteristics ,Grafana It has become the observable visual fact standard in the cloud native era .CNCF released 《 End User Technology Radar》 According to the report , Two thirds of the respondents will Grafana And  Prometheus As the preferred observable tool .

In order to help global cloud computing users build an observability system based on their own business characteristics , Alibaba cloud and Grafana Work together to create Grafana hosted services , Enables users to efficiently analyze and view indicators 、 While logging and tracking , No need to focus on server configuration 、 Software update and other complicated work , Effectively reduce the complexity and workload of operation and maintenance , And with the help of Alibaba cloud's powerful cloud native capabilities , Improve in an all-round way Grafana Security and availability .

Grafana Co founder and CEO of the laboratory Raj Dutt Express ,“ We are Grafana Labs The goal is to ensure that Grafana You can use , But this is the most meaningful for our users —— Whether it's self built facilities , Or on a public cloud platform like Alibaba cloud . With the help of fully managed services and continuous in-depth cooperation , Alibaba cloud's massive global users will enjoy far more convenience and availability than self hosting , More efficient 、 Lower barriers to use Grafana Leading open source Kanban and observability features . It will open a new market for both sides .”

Jiang Jiangwei, general manager of Alibaba cloud's intelligent basic products business department, said ,“ Alibaba cloud's observable products are always committed to escorting enterprise digital innovation , This cooperation between the two sides will bring more high-quality services to users all over the world 、 Product experience that fits the business scenario , Provide customers with a complete observability scheme , Enabling digital transformation of enterprises . And Grafana This cooperation , Not just to create more value for customers , It is also a strong alliance with open source manufacturers , Promote the further growth of open source Ecology .”

Ding Yu, head of Alibaba cloud's native application platform, said ,“Grafana As the current de facto standard for open source Kanban and Visualization , Recognized and used by many of our users . Alibaba cloud, which is always customer-centric , I hope that with the help of this and Grafana Labs Deep cooperation of the team , Global users can be more convenient 、 More efficient use of their recognized technology , And focus more on business development , There is no need to focus on basic operation and maintenance work . While Alibaba cloud makes positive contributions in the open source field , It will also continue to cooperate with more open source manufacturers , Continue to promote cloud native and open source in The practice of our country falls to the ground .”

It is reported that , In the future, the two sides will continue to expand the scope and depth of cooperation , Provide enterprises with richer excellent observability solutions based on Alibaba cloud , Solve the operation and maintenance problems of enterprises in the era of digital economy .

About Grafana Labs

Grafana Labs around Grafana Provides an open 、 Composable monitoring and observability stack ,Grafana Is a leading open source technology for dashboards and Visualization .Grafana Labs More than 1500 home , Including Bloomberg 、 Morgan chase 、 ebay 、 PayPal and Sony , There are more than 750000 platform Grafana Active installation of .Grafana Labs Help the company manage its observability strategy through a full stack of products , These products can be through Grafana Cloud Completely manage , It can also be done through Grafana Enterprise stack Self management , Both have extensive enterprise data source plug-ins 、 Dashboard management 、 alert 、 Reporting and security 、 Scalable metrics (Prometheus&Graphite), journal (Grafana Loki) And tracking (Grafana Tempo).Grafana The lab gets leading investors Lightspeed Venture Partners、Lead Edge Capital、GIC、 Sequoia Capital and Coatue Support for .

At present, Alibaba cloud Grafana The service is in free public beta , Learn more about on Alibaba cloud Grafana Information about , Please click on

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