At the entrance of Hunan Radio and television, many people stood in a row and wrote "Li Weijia is a immoral artist"

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Something happened to the host of Hunan Satellite TV again .

Why use “ also ” This word ?

Because this is Jiwang Han , Du Haitao , There is something wrong with the product endorsed by he Jiong , After Qian Feng fell into the rape storm , Another host overturned .

This is Li Weijia .

This afternoon, , Many people wear white coats , Stand in a row at the door of Hunan Radio and television , It says Li Weijia lost his virtue artist .

What's going on here ?

It is said that , Because of the FMCG Brand Tea endorsed by Li Weijia 《 Happiness equation 》 Cutting edge companies are on the run , Cheated franchisees a lot of money , Defending rights is fruitless . Many people signed because they believed in Li Weijia's endorsement .

Some fans pointed out , Li Weijia's happy formula brand , At the beginning of endorsement, there was the problem of illegality , If the brand has not filed a franchise , And the investment invitation qualification that does not meet the two points for one year , At the same time, in terms of later operation , Involving false propaganda 、 The material price is falsely high 、 Management confusion and many other problems . Just to make money , Regardless of goodwill , It's for immorality .

It is reported that , Li Weijia's brand happiness formula is suspected of fraud , It has been filed for investigation by Hangzhou Qianjiang Century City police station .

But with the existing law , It is likely that it will not cause any material harm to Li Weijia .

The tea Zhilan endorsed by Ma Yili before , There's a big problem , At most, it's just a refund of the endorsement fee , They will not have any commitment and compensation to franchisees .

In fact, such artists , It's really more harmful than those artists who have lost their private morality , Because they usually endorse financial products or quick recruitment brands , Many investors and franchisees lose all their money in a lifetime , It's hard to turn over in this life , Just because I believe in the endorsement of these stars .

As long as they are still at the top of the flow , Capital will always smile and hand over a huge endorsement contract , And they must take every penny , They are not classified as bad artists at the institutional level , It's hard to put an end to such things .

At present, Li Weijia has no response , What can you respond to , It's just that I didn't know , Will help you contact the merchant , Finished , That's all , That's what the former rollover hosts of Hunan Satellite TV did , Li Weijia can ask Wang Han and Du Haitao for advice .

Some time ago , Hunan Satellite TV has got a letter of commitment on Yide , A lot of people have signed it , Sign the word if you want , Who can guarantee their artistic virtue ?

Own hands , Or someone else's mouth ?

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