Once the regulatory framework is clear, afterpay says it is "absolutely" keen to explore cryptocurrency services

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Australia “ Buy first and pay later ”(BNPL) giant Afterpay Express , Once the regulatory framework is clear , It is likely to seek to launch cryptocurrency Services .Afterpay Now it is Jack Dorsey Of Square Part of the company .

Following Afterpay Submitted to the Australian Senate on “ Australia as a technology and Financial Center ” After your investigation , The delegates arrived in 9 month 8 Made a speech on the investigation on the th , The investigation submitted by him believes that , Businesses can cut payment costs by using cryptocurrencies .

Afterpay Vice president for public policy and communication Damian Kassabgi Express ,“ The idea that money can be exchanged between individuals or between individuals and businesses without traditional means , Can create a lot of efficiency .”

A cryptocurrency friendly liberal Senator Andrew Bragg inquiry Afterpay Whether it plans to provide encryption services in the future .Afterpay Executive vice president of Lee Hatton Response statement , Once the regulatory path is clear , The company may meet the needs of its customers for cryptocurrency :

“ Once we can understand the regulatory framework in this area , We can see where our customers are going . In our view , They will want to participate in this way .”

She added :“ We will certainly see some customers start using bitcoin , We will definitely find a way to support them to do so .”

As the Australian government has not yet developed a detailed framework , The prospect of cryptocurrency regulation in the country remains uncertain .Bragg stay 5 In January, the government was urged to protect consumers and promote innovation “ Keep ahead ”.

The discussion turned to a stable currency ,Kassabgi It emphasizes the use of Australian dollars between consumers and businesses (AUD) The importance of supporting stable currency for payment .

“ It's not hard to imagine such a world , In this world , There is a privately issued stable currency linked to the Australian dollar , It can realize frictionless payment between consumers or between consumers and businesses , In this world , Do not use traditional payment methods , Handling charges are almost non-existent , And there is no commercial bank as an intermediary .”

He added :“ This future prospect has many benefits . However , To create a safe 、 An effective regulatory environment , There is still much work to be done .”

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