Dialogue with Robby Yung, CEO of animoca brands: uncover the secrets of chain game developer animoca brands

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This summer ,Axie Infinity Raised GameFi The wave of has swept the entire encryption industry , The hot market has given birth to more and more chain tourism projects , The development of chain tour is unstoppable . From the original chain tour project , Spawned other roles such as the gold association in the encryption industry , This upsurge also spread to the meta universe 、NFT、DeFi wait , Chain game is becoming one of the breakthroughs in blockchain application , Inject a steady stream of new forces into the blockchain industry .

What institutions are behind the chain tour Ecology ? They are concerned about GameFi What kind of planning and layout are there ?

「 Wan, let's talk 」 The first 41 Please come from 2018 Game developers who have been deeply involved in blockchain games since Animoca brands ,CEO Robby Yung Will introduce you in detail Animoca brands as well as Talk about the future Gamefi The development of the track .

Here's what happened AMA Live review :

Xiao Wan : Many users are right Animoca Brands Not very familiar with , But it's actually very hot in the market recently GameFi The track has Animoca Brands The figure of , For example, the heat sweeping the world Axie Infinity、 Like racing games REVV、 Such as the meta universe platform Sandbox, We invite today Animoca Brands Of CEO Robby Yung , Please introduce yourself and the team first .

Animoca Brands CEO Robby Yung : Hello everyone , I am a Robby,Animoca Brands Of CEO. Start with a mobile phone , My whole career has been TMT( telecom 、 Media and technology ) field , And then in 90 In the early s, I founded my first company , Then in the traditional media ( TV 、 Outdoors and magazines ) Worked in the field for ten years . so far , I am here Animoca Brands Already working 10 year ,Animoca Brands It was once the most famous leisure free mobile game studio .

Vivian:Many audiences might not be familiar with Animoca Brands, but Axie Infinity, REVV, or Sandbox, etc. these popular GameFi projects are all backed by Animocas Brands. Moreover, it plays an important role in the blockchain game.

Before we get started, Robby, could you please introduce yourself and your company briefly?

Animoca Brands CEO Robby Yung :Hi, I’m Robby, and I’m the CEO of Animoca Brands. I’ve spent my whole career in TMT (telecom, media & technology), starting out in mobile telephony, then starting my first company in the early days of the web in the 90’s, followed by a decade in traditional media (TV, outdoor, and magazines). I’ve been with Animoca Brands for almost 10 years now, and Animoca Brands used to be best known as a casual free to play mobile game studio. 

Xiao Wan :Animoca Brands Before laying out the blockchain , He has made great achievements in traditional industries , Chain swim can just be with Animoca Brands Our business has a very diverse intersection , Excuse me, Robby, What is the opportunity for Animoca Brands Layout blockchain games and bring great value ?

Animoca Brands CEO Robby Yung :  Our first water test project is to cooperate with our friends in Dapper Labs released 《 Enigmatic love cat 》(CryptoKitties), This is a popular NFT Groundbreaking blockchain game . From this experience , We learned something very simple but very profound : Gamers have never really owned their digital content in the game , But they've been paying for this content for years . The game is rental economy , So we want to know , If the game can achieve real digital ownership , That is, you can go through NFT What do you have , So what effect will it have . and , Implementing this process does not require players to learn or do anything different , They still pay for in-game currency , Then use digital currency to buy virtual goods . For us , This seems to be a great opportunity , Because only if you can have 、 transaction 、 When buying and selling items , Players can benefit from it , We think this may have the potential to really develop the game market .

Vivian:Animoca Brands had made many great achievements in the traditional industry before it turned to Blockchain. Animoca Brands intertwines with the blockchain game in many ways.  I am wondering what makes Animoca Brands enter the Blockchain game when most of us got our eyes on other fields?

Animoca Brands CEO Robby Yung :We first dipped our toe in the water by working with our friends at Dapper Labs on publishing CryptoKitties, the ground-breaking blockchain game title that popularised NFT’s. What we learned during that experience was something very simple, but very profound: gamers have never truly owned their digital content in games, and yet they have been paying for it for years. Games are rental economies, and so we wondered what would happen if games enabled true digital ownership – something you can have with NFT’s. Also, the process of enabling this didn’t require players to learn or do anything different – they still pay money to buy in-game currency, and then spend that digital currency on virtual items. To us, this seemed like a tremendous opportunity, because players could only benefit from being able to own, trade, buy and sell their items, and we felt that this could have the potential to really grow the gaming market. 

Xiao Wan : at present Gamefi The development of is more and more rapid , There are also many like Animoca Brands Traditional game production teams enter the blockchain field , In this role and business transformation , What difficulties or challenges will the team encounter ?

Animoca Brands CEO Robby Yung : In my submission , When guiding players into blockchain games , If they are new to cryptocurrency , So the biggest problem is the concept of opening an account , And you have to figure out the different blockchains , wait . We are trying to simplify the process as much as possible , Many blockchain game companies are adopting solutions such as hosted wallets , In this way, they can pick out some blockchain work achievements , Give users a very simple UI.

Vivian:Nowadays, GameFi is rapidly developing and more and more companies from the traditional game industry turn to the blockchain game, just like Animoca Brands did. During this transition, what kinds of difficulties or challenges will they confront?

Animoca Brands CEO Robby Yung :I think the biggest issue in onboarding players to blockchain games who are new to crypto is the idea of opening a wallet and having to figure out different blockchains, etc. We are trying to make this process as easy as possible, and many blockchain game companies are turning to solutions like custodial wallets, so that they can abstract some of the blockchain workings and give users a very simple UI. 

Xiao Wan : With the deepening of business in the blockchain field , At present, do you think there are any restrictions or bottlenecks in the current chain tour ? Animoca Brands For this track , Is there any solution ?

Animoca Brands CEO Robby Yung : At present, the main bottleneck is around the relatively early development stage of most blockchain games in the market . I think , some time 12 To 18 Months , You will see more and more exquisite 3A Big launch . For now , Familiarize users with wallets and how to hold and manage their NFT It's new . The more easily and seamlessly we can introduce this process for new non cryptocurrency users , The faster this field will grow . We have invested in various blockchains , And work with service providers , They are all trying to simplify this guidance process .

Vivian:As the industry advances, what kinds of bottle-neck issues does the blockchain game have at present? For Animoca Brands, how do you deal with these?

Animoca Brands CEO Robby Yung :The main bottlenecks these days are around the relatively early stage of development of most blockchain games out in the market. I think you will be seeing more and more sophisticated AAA-style content launching over the next 12-18 months. For now, getting users acquainted with wallets and how to hold and manage their NFT’s is something new. The more simple and seamless we can make the process of bringing on new non-crypto users, the faster this sector will grow. We have partnered with and invested in a wide variety of blockchains and service providers who are all working hard to make this onboarding process easier.

Xiao Wan : We are concerned about Animoca Brands Its subsidiaries or game projects , Have been launched NFT Related business , You think at this stage Animoca Brands Business and NFT What is the new expansion of the combination point and application scenario of ? On this basis ,NFT Where can the value of be reflected ?

Animoca Brands CEO Robby Yung : For us , When we create NFT when , The most important thing is to consider “ practical ”. We need to make sure why we do it NFT, What is its purpose . Take us for example ,NFT It's a playable item in the game , So their usefulness revolves around which games they can be used in . The more players can use their games , that NFT The more practical it is . The more practical ,NFT The more likely it is to maintain value , And value is derived from practicality .

Vivian:We know that several subsidiaries and projects of Animoca Brands rolled out NFT products recently. How does NFT combine with your products, and what scenario will they apply to?  What do you think of NFT’s value?

Animoca Brands CEO Robby Yung :The most important thing to us, when we create NFT’s, is to think about “utility.” We want to be sure of why we’re making an NFT and what its purpose is. In our case, NFT’s are playable items in games, so their utility is around what games they can be used in. The more games a player can use them in, the more utility the NFT will have. The more utility, the more likely that that NFT will retain its value, which is derived from its utility. 

Xiao Wan : We learned that Robby Yung Rich experience in digital media and mobile games , The chain travel industry is a track that needs traffic and attention very much , These experiences are helpful to Animoca Brands Can become one of the leaders of global blockchain games , Can I help you ?

Animoca Brands CEO Robby Yung : In my submission , Over the years, we have benefited a lot from our experience as mobile game developers , Help us understand how to build products that can grow , And how to focus on consumer needs and Trends .Animoca Brands Many members of the senior team have been building consumer technology products since the early days of the World Wide Web , This helps us identify emerging trends such as mobile and blockchain .

Vivian:Robby has a lot of experience in digital media and mobile games. Moreover, blockchain games require much traffic and attention. What personal work experience qualifies you to make Animoca Brands be one of the leaders in the global blockchain game industry?

Animoca Brands CEO Robby Yung :I think that we have benefited greatly from our experience as mobile game developers for many years – this has helped us to understand how to build products that scale and how to pay attention to consumer demand and trends. Many of the senior team at Animoca Brands have been building consumer technology products since the early days of the world wide web, and this has helped us be able to spot emerging trends like mobile and blockchain.

Xiao Wan :Animoca Brands It can be said that it is an organization with rich business forms in the industry , In the years when the encryption market broke out , From self-developed games , To invest in more game projects , Then to the business layout of multi track combination , What is the underlying business logic that can seize market opportunities and develop very successful ? As CEO How to decide whether to develop a business line ?

Animoca Brands CEO Robby Yung : We try our best to learn from other companies and people in the industry , At the same time, it is important to have faith in the judgment of trend direction . We are also lucky , Our team and shareholders are in line with our vision , And can help us turn our vision into reality . We hope , When opportunity knocks , We are ready for ourselves , therefore , When we have the opportunity to communicate with Dapper Labs Cooperative development 《 Enigmatic love cat 》 when , This is the first time in the blockchain industry “ Knock at the door ”, And we open the door to welcome . 

Vivian:Animoca Brands has developed its own games independently and has invested in many games, then has a business layout of multi-fields. So it has diversified product lines and business layout. So how Animoca Brands caught the chance to develop successfully? Could you share some tricks for this? As a CEO,  how do you usually come to business decisions?

Animoca Brands CEO Robby Yung :We try our best to learn from other companies and people in the industry, and it’s important to have conviction about where you think trends are headed. We are also very lucky that we have a team and shareholders who share our vision and can help us to make it into a reality. We hope that we can position ourselves to be ready for opportunity when it comes knocking on our door, and so when we had the chance to partner with Dapper Labs on CryptoKitties, this was the first “knock” on the door from the blockchain industry, and we opened it wide. 

Xiao Wan : Finally, the problem is more likely and the topic is more grand , But I also want to invite Robby Imagine , You want to Animoca Brands What kind of company can be in the future ? What role do you play in the industry ?

Animoca Brands CEO Robby Yung : We hope to continue to innovate in this industry , And will strive to maintain its leading position in the field of blockchain games . We plan to continue to launch more games , More virtual worlds , And continue to work with excellent 、 World famous IP cooperation . As we build more and more content experiences , We hope to become the cornerstone of blockchain game business , I hope one day , Its scale can surpass today's traditional game industry . meanwhile , We will continue to actively make strategic investment , To help the ecosystem grow with our own business .

Vivian:Last but not least, Robby, what can you see Animoca Brands in the future? It’s a big picture question. Just imagine what Animoca Brands will be and what kind of role will it play in the industry?

Animoca Brands CEO Robby Yung :We hope to continue innovating in this industry and will try to maintain a leadership position in the blockchain gaming sector. We plan to continue launching more games, more metaverses, and continue partnering with great, world-famous IP. As we build out more and more content experiences, we hope to be a cornerstone of the blockchain game business as it grows to one day be bigger than today’s traditional game industry. At the same time, we will continue to aggressively make strategic investments to help grow the ecosystem alongside our own business. 

The following are questions from community users :

1、Animoca Are there any other projects ?

Animoca Brands CEO Robby Yung : In recent years , We have been focusing on racing related games , such as REVV, We built REVV The ecosystem of racing events .

1、Does Animoca have any other projects?

Animoca Brands CEO Robby Yung :We have been focusing on the category of motorsports for several years now, building our the REVV Motorsports ecosystem around the REVV token. 

2、Gamefi and Socialfi Will the future combine ?

Animoca Brands CEO Robby Yung :GameFi and SocialFi The future will be combined , Games are communities and players socializing in the virtual world 、 entertainment , At present, many meta universe projects are combined with Socialfi .

2、Do you think GameFi will be combined with SocialFi in the future?

Animoca Brands CEO Robby Yung : I think that GameFi and SocialFi will definitely be combined in future. Gaming is all about communities and players getting together in online space (the “metaverse”) to communicate, socialise, and be entertained.There are currently many meta-universe projects that combine SocialFi

3、Gamefi What's the difference between traditional games ?

Animoca Brands CEO Robby Yung : In my submission GameFi The main difference from traditional games is :

a、 Players can really own their own digital assets in the game .

b、 About NFT Asset chain tour project ,NFT It can be transmitted to each other in the chain game project , Operate with each other . Before that , Traditional gamers never have the opportunity to buy or sell items in the game , Or take these items from one game to another . This opens up a closed game world , And give players more rights and opportunities .

3、What’s the difference between GameFi and traditional games?

Animoca Brands CEO Robby Yung : I think the main difference between GameFi and traditional games are: 

a、That players can truly own their digital content – their game items .

b、That those game items (which are NFT’s), can be interoperable – transported between games. Never before have game players had the chance to buy and sell their in-game items or bring those items from one game to another. This opens up the closed world of gaming and gives much more power and opportunity to the players!

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