Hu Ge went back to the play to attend the school opening ceremony and made a sincere speech, which attracted hot discussion on the whole network

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In the near future , The country is cracking down on “ Rice circle ” chaos , As the cradle of future art talents , Art schools also have a voice , Call on students to correct their ideals and aspirations .

yesterday , At the opening ceremony of Shanghai Academy of drama , Actor Hu Ge as an alumni , Send three words to my younger brother and younger sister .

Hu Ge at the school opening ceremony On the play for the picture

The first sentence is ,“ Shanghai Theatre Academy is a place to train artists , Not a dream factory for cultivating stars and idols .”

Facing the younger students who have just entered the palace of art , Hu Ge said :“ The students present here may become screenwriters in the future 、 The director 、 actor 、 Stage art, lighting design, etc , These will be your careers . You will be engaged in drama creation in the future 、 Film and television creation , This will be your career . But stars or idols , Just a halo attached to your career , Be able to realize this clearly , It will directly affect every choice in your study and life in the next few years . Awe of Art 、 Loving art will make your pattern 、 taste 、 The goal of learning 、 The original intention of creation has changed .”

The second sentence Hu Ge said was ,“ I'm not your role model , It should be a ‘ Cautionary tale ’.”

2005 Hu Ge, who graduated from the play in , I took part in shooting while I was at school 《 Fairy sword legend 》 And become an idol star . When your classmates are studying hard , Hu Ge takes up a lot of time for filming , Missing some classes .

Hu Ge is in 《 Fairy sword legend 》 in

When he realized that his professional skills and basic skills were not enough ,“ It is too late ”. To return to being an actor , Hu Ge spent more than ten years , But so far , He still dare not say that he is a mature 、 Powerful actors .

He sighed with emotion. :“ In one's life , A chance to be famous 、 There are many opportunities to make money , But there is only one chance to study in the best art palace .”

Fortunately , Hu Ge keeps sober in the face of fame and wealth , Maintain love and awe for art , As long as you are still walking and don't forget your original heart 、 On the road of pursuing ideals , It's not “ It is too late ”.

He takes himself as an example , I hope my younger brothers and sisters don't give up their close and seek far , Then take the detour you have taken .

The third sentence of Hu Ge is ,“ No matter when , Don't take yourself seriously , And take what you do seriously .”

He explained :“ The English word for a philosopher is philosopher, The original meaning is to love wise people, not wise people , Because the focus is on this person's desire and exploration of Philosophy . The same is true of art . When you create, you can forget yourself , When surrounded by flowers and applause, you can give me up , When the thought and spirit of your work are widely spread, you can be selfless , Then you are a real artist .”

rely on 《 List of reed {langya} 》, Hu Ge's acting skills are gradually recognized , In contrast, the recently banned immoral idol , After all, it's just too “ Take yourself seriously ”.

stay “ Rice circle ” The brainless pursuit of fans , No matter how bad their work is, someone will pay for it , So no longer concentrate on creation , Just want to enjoy fame and wealth , Even moral 、 law 、 National dignity is ignored ,“ Rollover ” It is inevitable .

The full text of Hu Ge's speech

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“ A n experienced person ” Hu Ge's words , The students under the stage heard it in their hearts .

The opening ceremony of the play On the play for the picture

2021 Huang Yuting, a freshman in the first-class drama, film and television performance class, will secretly “ it 's perfection itself ” As him, from now on “ The goal of eternal efforts ”:“ Three words of elder martial brother hu ge , And the school motto that spans countless years , It is undoubtedly a guiding light , And I am the young man who is struggling for direction . My hazy artistic mind seems to be gradually clear , Show its outline ―― As the school song sings ,‘ We are the young craftsmen of the human soul ’.”

Huang Yuting's handwritten feelings

At the opening ceremony , Four freshmen made an initiative on behalf of all the students of Shanghai Academy of drama :

As a performer , We firmly resist illegal and immoral artists , Firmly opposed to flow supremacy , Firmly stay away from abnormal aesthetics , Put an end to it ‘ Rice circle ’ chaos .

We should adhere to the socialist culture with Chinese characteristics , Persist in carrying forward the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation , Adhere to the Marxist literary and artistic position , Adhere to Literature and art to serve the people .

excellent in both performing skills and moral integrity 、 virtue comes first 、 Be realistic and refined 、 it 's perfection itself , Try to be a believer 、 Have feelings 、 Responsible writers and artists in the new era .

Huang Changyong, the dean of the play, made a speech at the opening ceremony On the play for the picture

Hear what the students say , Huang Changyong, the president of the play, said , On the stage, many alumni made great achievements on the art road , The growth process is a little long , On the contrary, it has more experienced their calmness and calmness in the spotlight . This is the example of young art students , It is also a talent to be trained in the play .“ Art education is ‘ The big one ’, Our responsibility is greater than Mount Tai !”

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