The finale of life: Zhou shengchen and Shiyi get married, and Shiyi becomes the biggest variable

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Hello everyone , Nice to meet you here again , Currently by Ren Jialun 、 A TV play starring white deer and others 《 one's whole life 》 A strong incoming , It's time to fall in love at first sight , That figure is engraved in my mind and lingers , I knew from the first sight that she would marry him , And their fate is also very deep .

Even from ancient times to modern times , Zhou shengchen's family is also quite complex , It's like living in seclusion , It's no exaggeration to say , It's time to appear around Zhou shengchen , She has spread in the Zhou family .

Zhou shengchen is still half a beat slow , Look at the time is alive and kicking , Even turned into a stalker , Turn over the family background of the times , When I was a child, there were pictures , It's really timely news. Nothing has fallen .

It's time to try to get close to Zhou's birthday , He's watching her, too , And propose directly to Shiyi the next second , Zhou shengchen tried his best to investigate. He also wanted to know more about , Compared to women forced to date , Zhou shengchen's first impression of the time is very good .

Even if it's time to know that he married himself for another purpose , She is still getting married quickly , This is what she has been thinking for thousands of years , She can't marry Zhou shengchen at the right time , Zhou shengchen can't marry her because of his oath , This time I have such a chance , Even if it's a dream, I don't want to let go .

It's not easy for them to meet again , But it's really hard for the little couple to go , The relationship between Zhou shengchen and his family is very chaotic , Zhou shengchen, as the direct leader , Returning home is largely about cleaning up the door .

If you want to do something, you have to have the power , To marry is to inherit shares , This is the rule of Zhou Sheng's family , Zhou shengchen has no objection , But whoever you marry, it's up to him , Compromise is one thing , How to compromise is another matter .

In fact, Zhou shengchen didn't think of it , If he hadn't been up to date , I won't take the liberty of calling to ask for an engagement , He didn't care about this , The appearance of time becomes a variable , Like a beam of light shining into Zhou shengchen's heart .

source : Dongdong drama

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