Tian Jing and Xiong Lei broadcast PK live. Tian Jing's victory is rare

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Now Xiong Lei has joined the live broadcast camp , He once chose to broadcast live with Tian Jing at the same time , So even if there is no positive relationship between Xiong Lei and Tian Jing PK, But netizens still compare them .

Xiong Lei and Tian Jing broadcast live at the same time , The popularity once surpassed Tian Jing , This is unexpected . Many people think that Xiong Lei's influence is far more than Tian Jing , Xiong Lei is also confident , Then there were several live broadcasts .

But as long as you know the live broadcast content of Tian Jing and Xiong Lei , You will find that the real situation cannot be based on data . Although Xiong Lei was once more popular than Tian Jing , But most of the onlookers are Xu Min's supporters , Netizens watched Xiong Lei's live broadcast because they mistakenly changed the heat of life , And most of the comments are negative .

Most of Tian Jing's live broadcast rooms are positive , Tian Jing won't be like Xiong Lei , Keep remembering the past , Tian Jing will sincerely describe the goods sold , Before selling , Tian Jing will try it herself , This is done to be accountable to consumers .

Xiong Lei won the sympathy of netizens by selling miserably , Even slander the Xu Min family to win their support , I hope public opinion is good for me , In the future, we can have an advantage in real estate .

Tian Jing just wants to rely on herself , She had already moved out of Du Xinzhi's house with Guo Wei and her two children , She's doing live delivery now , I just hope to live by my own efforts , Instead of counting on something that shouldn't belong to you .

So Tian Jing and Xiong Lei live broadcast PK, The result is already self-evident , Tian Jing completely defeated Xiong Lei , Because Tian Jingying is rarely sober .

1、 Tian Jing is not greedy , Good people win praise

When the wrong life was just exposed , Although Tian Jing once preferred Du Xinzhi , But Tian Jing did that to avoid being criticized by the outside world .

After all, in Tian Jing's opinion , Don't make a fool of yourself , If not, Du Xinzhi often lied in public , It also involves Tian Jing's parents , She will not expose Du Xinzhi's lies , Will always defend her .

Later, Du Xinzhi and Tian Jing fell out with their mother-in-law and daughter-in-law , It is also basically carried out in silence , Tian Jing and Guo Wei decide to move out of Du Xinzhi's house , Do not want to let the outside world mistakenly think that they are greedy for Du Xinzhi's real estate .

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