'AOA bullying incident' reversed after a year! Restore the truth from the chat records of members of agency D?

Oriental Infotainment 2021-09-15 09:17:04

9 month 8 On the morning of the th, Korean media Dispatch Published an article entitled 《“ Didn't Zhimin apologize ?”... Min ah ,128 Minutes of chat and Kakaotalk Content 》 Exclusive coverage of , Then immediately boarded the Han network NAVER Top news list , It has aroused the keen attention of the public . Let's get to know Dispatch The content of the report .

2020 year 4 month 3 Sun Zhimin's father died , the second day (4 Japan ) Quan min came to the mourning hall . At that time, Shen Zhimin apologized to her , Quan min left tears , So the two hugged each other and reached a settlement . The following is the text message sent by Quan min ah that night :“( Omit ) The moment my sister said sorry to me , I couldn't help crying . I regret it , What if I were a little closer before , What if you were more honest . Thank you for telling me, really thank me . sister , I'm sorry, too , Thank you very much .( Omit ) And don't let anything sad happen again . Be healthy , Thank you sister. , Hugged me ”. After that, Shen Zhimin occasionally called Quan min a , Quan min will also send a text message to reply . By the end of 5 month 12 There is nothing unusual about their relationship .

But two months later 2020 year 7 month 3 Japan , Quan min was suddenly alone ins Sent a document to snipe Shen Zhimin , At that time, Shen Zhimin used “ A novel ” Two words responded to Quan min a's disclosure . After that, Quan min a sent a document again to respond to Shen Zhimin's dynamic , He even made public the fact that he had tried to commit suicide and photos of self mutilation .

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