Guan Zhilin, 58, is more feminine than she was when she was 30. Wearing a sequin coat with shorts is really fashionable and beautiful

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We should keep one thing in mind when we wear fashion : Be sure to show all your advantages , Don't bury your strengths , And don't expose defects , We'll learn this with Guan Zhilin , Even if she is middle-aged , Still not old , This time, wearing a suspender Sequin coat and Matcha green shorts , A blue velvet neck hanging design is stitched between the necks , It's chic And advanced , Let's see .

Bright spot ①: Colors can be rich , But pay attention to the distribution

58 Year old Guan zhilinbi 30 More feminine at the age of , It's fashionable to wear Sequin tops with shorts , Beautiful and greasy ! In fact, middle-aged women can also choose pieces with rich colors , If you don't want to wear fancy old-fashioned clothes , Then you have to choose , Guan Zhilin wears it in gold and silver , Light blue velvet was stitched between the neck , Also chose Matcha green shorts , The latter two colors are just a little embellishment , So it won't affect the overall style , On the contrary, it has played a very significant role in brightening , On the whole, it looks very white .

Bright spot ②: The overlap of sling cut and neck design

This coat has a great sense of style , Its main body adopts the cutting of sling , thus , It's very revealing , Will reveal your round white shoulders and slender arm lines , More suitable for women with better figure , besides , It also stitched a blue velvet neck sling between its necks , This not only adds a noble and gorgeous atmosphere , It won't make your neck look bare , It eliminates the time for everyone to choose necklaces .

Bright spot ③: The full spread of sequins adds sparkle

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