Apple official announcement: the 2021 autumn press conference is scheduled for September 14, with a probability of releasing the iPhone 13 series

snakesss 2021-09-15 09:15:24

Yesterday, , Apple officially announced : The autumn press conference is scheduled for us western time 9 month 14 Japan , Beijing time. 2021 year 9 month 15 Early morning 1 Hold at . By convention , The special event will launch a new iPhone Mobile phones and Apple Watch And other important products .

2021 Invitation letter for Apple's autumn press conference in China

According to the current supply chain disclosure information , Newly released iPhone The series still has four models , The new series will probably be named iPhone 13/mini、iPhone 13 Pro/Max, Be consistent with the previous generation in the product matrix .

The difference is ,iPhone 13 Pro/Max Two models will be introduced for the first time 120Hz LTPO OLED The flexible screen , Support 1~120Hz Adaptive refresh rate .

according to the understanding of , Apple's fall conference includes at least three , The first is expected to be iPhone Special field , There may be another game at the end of the month AirPods Related press conferences , It may also be directly on the official website ,10 May be new iPad series ,11 Month is new MacBook Pro 2021 And so on .

in addition , Expect a new generation of iOS 15 /iPadOS 15 Official edition and WatchOS 8 The official version will also come .

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