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Babel What is it? ?

Babel It's a JavaScript compiler

Babel It's a tool chain , It's mainly used to use ECMAScript 2015+ Syntax written code into backward compatible JavaScript grammar , To be able to run in current and older browsers or other environments . Listed below are Babel What I can do for you :

  • Grammar conversion
  • adopt Polyfill Way to add missing features to the target environment ( Through a third party polyfill modular , for example  core-js, Realization )
  • Source code conversion (codemods)

node Environment use

The whole configuration process includes :

1、 Run the following command to install the required package (package):

npm install --save-dev @babel/core @babel/cli @babel/preset-env
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2、 Create a project named... At the root of the project  babel.config.json  Configuration file for ( need  v7.8.0  Or later ), And copy the following into this file :

{ "presets": [ [ "@babel/env", { "targets": { "edge": "17", "firefox": "60", "chrome": "67", "safari": "11.1" }, "useBuiltIns": "usage", "corejs": "3.6.5" } ] ] }
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If you're using Babel The old version of , Then the file name is  babel.config.js.

const presets = [ [ "@babel/env", { targets: { edge: "17", firefox: "60", chrome: "67", safari: "11.1", }, useBuiltIns: "usage", corejs: "3.6.4", }, ], ]; module.exports = { presets };
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3、 Running this command will  src  All the code in the directory is compiled to  lib  Catalog :

./node_modules/.bin/babel src --out-dir lib
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4、 Core library

npm install --save-dev @babel/core @babel/cli
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5、 Manual switching

./node_modules/.bin/babel src --out-dir lib
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This will resolve  src  All under directory JavaScript file , And apply the code conversion function we specified , Then output each file to  lib  Under the table of contents . Since we haven't specified any transcoding functions yet , So the output code will be the same as the input code ( Do not keep the original code format ). We can pass the transcoding function we need as a parameter .

In the above example, we used  --out-dir  Parameters . You can go through  --help  Parameter to see a list of all parameters that the command-line tool can accept . But the most important thing for us now is  --plugins  and  --presets  These two parameters .

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