Because exo? Korean leg love beans share the secret of "zero scandal in 10 years"

Tencent Entertainment 2021-09-15 09:00:55

women's team event Dal*Shabet Park Xiubin, a member, introduced his debut 10 year ,“ Zero love affair ” The secret of .

According to Korean media 9 month 9 Reported Wednesday : stay 8 Broadcast on MBC Every1 reality show 《 Korean foreigners 》 in , Li Xun 、 Xiubin ( Park Xiubin ) And others acted as guests . Han entertainment circle didn't know , face MC“10 year 0 gossip ” When you ask a question , Xiubin shared her secret .

On the day of the program , Jin yongwan said to Xiubin “ This year is already a debut 10 Anniversary of the founding of the , It seems that there are no rumors of a love affair . Tell the truth , It seems that I haven't been in love for ten years , How on earth do you communicate quietly ?”

Regarding this , Xiubin said “ First , Until 20 I stayed in the dormitory at the age of , I don't know any men ,20 I fell in love for the first time at the age of ”、“ In front of the dormitory is EXO My dormitory , So there have always been a lot of paparazzi .”

next , Xiubin also said “ I've always been separated from my boyfriend , Looking at each other reluctantly 、 Love by walking , So there was no scandal .”

In addition, Jin yongwan also asked “ Is it in love now ?”

Regarding this , Xiubin replied frankly “ Actually , I just had a breakup .”

On the other hand , Han entertainment circle didn't know , Born in 1994 Xiubin in , On 2011 The women's League Dal*Shabet The identity of a member , With the tall figure like a model and solid singing strength , Won the love of many fans . After the dissolution of the combination , Xiubin was active in pictorial shooting 、 Schedule of variety shows, etc .

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