CCTV Mid Autumn Festival Party lineup official announcement! Zhao Liying and Li Yuchun joined, but Hua Chenyu and Liu haocun were questioned

Tencent Entertainment 2021-09-15 09:00:48

The list of guests for CCTV's Mid Autumn Festival Party has been published : Hong Kong stars up to 26 position , Jackie Chan and Dawan District 5 People are all in it ―― introduction .

Approaching the Mid Autumn Festival , Every satellite TV is announcing their own Mid Autumn Festival Party , Everyone is also guessing which satellite TV's Mid Autumn Festival party your favorite star will go to .

little does one think , CCTV movie channel (CCTV-6, said “ Six Princesses ”), It's direct , A one-time official declared 50 A lineup of star guests .

The CCTV film channel held “2021 Dawan District Mid Autumn Festival movie music party ”, Invited 200 A filmmaker 、 Musician , Create an audio-visual feast .

The theme of the party is “ The moon rises in the Bay Area ”, Mainly with “ Guangdong-hong kong-macao greater bay area ” At the core , The invited stars are also “ Rain and dew are evenly distributed. ”, There are stars in mainland China and Hong Kong , Audiences who like Hong Kong stars in China , Now there is “ Eye happiness ” 了 !

The first surprise is “ Dawan District 5 One set of ”: Jordan Chan 、 Thank God 、 Lin Xiaofeng 、 Liang Hanwen and Zhang Zhilin .

They recorded together 《 My brother 》, this 5 It's funny to get together alone , Although Mandarin is not very good , But still insist on taking a bite “ Plastic Putonghua ”, Communicate with the audience in front of the screen , This really pokes the audience .

They are 《 My brother 》 Created a wonderful stage ,《3189》 This stage is directly “ Blow up the whole scene ”.

Whether it's feelings kill , Or a funny style , They're all very good , Look forward to their wonderful performance at the CCTV Mid Autumn Festival Party .

This time “ Dawan district party ” Invited Chinese Hong Kong stars , It's full of surprises , Yes “ White lady ” Zhao Yazhi , also “ Little dragon female ” night , It seems that this is going to be a wave “ Memories kill ” ah !

The most surprising thing is , And Jackie Chan ! so to speak , Many people grew up watching his movies , Now Jackie Chan has 67 year , You can wait until the Mid Autumn Festival party is broadcast , See how he's doing .

this “ Dawan district party ” Invited mainland Chinese stars , They are highly loved by the audience .

There is Deng Chao who brings infinite joy to the audience , Once he , Also have acting skills , Played in 《 Scorching sun 》《 Master of breaking up 》《 Galaxy tutorial 》 Wait for a series of blockbuster movies .

Zhang Xiaofei, who became famous in the first World War of the Spring Festival , rely on 《 Hello , Li Huanying 》 Directly into the front-line artists , Let the audience find her shining point .

Jing Tian is also on the list of the Mid Autumn Festival Party , Used to be “ movies ” The pronoun of , Now with 《 Seto 》 It was a beautiful turnaround , I found a style suitable for myself .

Zhao Liying, whom fans have been looking forward to for a long time , The national popularity is very high , You can guess , This year's mid autumn party , Is Zhao Liying singing or dancing ?

Since it is “2021 Dawan District Mid Autumn Festival movie music party ”, There must be musicians , Not only Hong Kong singer Alan Tam 、 Nicholas Tse et al .

And Mainland China “ Brother chun ” Li yuchun 、 Zhou Shen and other musicians .

This party , It's bound to be a music event , Today's strong lineup , For the first time , Must not miss !

Various traffic stars this year “ collapse ” Events happen frequently , At the national level “ Operation Qinglang ”, Special treatment of chaotic rice circles , So you can see the list of this Mid Autumn Festival Party , There doesn't seem to be much traffic , In particular, there are no talent shows , It seems that it has also responded to the call of the country .

But there are two young stars on the list , The audience didn't buy it very much .

One is deep in “ Unmarried children ” Hua Chenyu , Being picked out by netizens for cosmetic surgery 、 Chaotic private life , Can be said to be “ collapse ” 了 . Some netizens said they didn't appreciate his stage style very much , Jumping, jumping and yelling , I don't know what I'm expressing .

Another is Liu haocun .

Liu haocun is favored by director Zhang Yimou “ Conspire girl ”, Good resources , The heroine in many films , such as 《 A second 》《 On the cliff 》《 Give you a little red flower 》 Wait for the hit movie , She also looks good , Praised by netizens “ A pair of Deer Eyes ”.

But it hasn't been red for long , Some netizens picked out the dance training organization opened by Liu haocun's mother , It led to a student's lower limb paralysis and lifelong disability , Even the compensation is only given by the court for enforcement ……

What do you think of the lineup of the Mid Autumn Festival party on CCTV film channel ?

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