"Swordsman 4" has been put on record and will start shooting soon. Which star do you expect to play?

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I still remember the crazy rumors on the Internet before 《 Fairy sword legend 》 Will be remade , This time, some netizens found 《 Fairy sword legend 4》 The TV play 《 Tianhe biography 》 Completed the second filing and publicity , It's true this time ! The film is expected to start this year , It is reported that 《 The Legend of Sword and Fairy 4》 I was in 2016 It was decided to change its name to 《 Tianhe biography 》.

From 2016 From the year onwards ,《 The Legend of Sword and Fairy 4》 Experienced two filings , Recently, new media sincere products has completed the filing and publicity , Estimated investment 3.21 Billion . The plot of the play will revolve around the protagonist Yun Tianhe , It tells the story of yuntianhe, who has experienced ups and downs to find his own life experience , Making friends with Han Lingsha 、 After Murong Ziying and Liu Mengli , Embarked on the road of saving the world . The number of recorded episodes of the new online drama is 40 Set , It is expected to start in September .

It is worth mentioning that so far ,《 Fairy sword legend 》 The score of the series on the Internet has always remained at 8.5 Sub standard , In the future, all immortal Xia dramas may set off a phenomenal heat , But it's hard to reach 《 Fairy sword legend 》 The word of mouth . That's why , Capital will not let go of this 《 Fairy sword legend 》 This can bring heat IP, The previous cast is hard to find today .

Now 《 Tianhe biography 》 It is already in the stage of preparing to start up , Everyone is both expecting and afraid of being changed by magic . I just hope the drama side can respect the role , Respect the classics , Even if it can't be wonderful , And don't ruin the classics .

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