January 2020 summary

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This is a 2020 The first monthly summary of , The summary is similar to the weekly diary , It is also summarized from these aspects :

  • Work

  • Study

  • read & writing

  • 2 Monthly plan


The working hours this month are about 2 A little more than a week , The main work content is still the work of recommendation system , But compared with last month , Because the service has been successfully launched , So this month's work is easier , Mainly reading papers and reading articles , Think about how to continue to optimize the online recommendation algorithm , But the more you know , The more you find that there are actually many directions that need to be optimized , From the perspective of recall , Or from the perspective of sorting ; From the aspect of Feature Engineering , Or from the aspect of model algorithm , Can continue to do a lot of optimization , In fact, it's really from 0 To 1 To build a recommendation system , There is still a lot of work to be done , I hope we can do better this year , Can be a good introduction to the new field of recommendation system .


This month is mainly about recommendation system , The articles and papers I have read are :

  1. FashionNet The paper , And made notes

  2. Decrypt Taobao recommendation actual combat , make “ I know you better than you ” Personalization of APP

  3. wide&deep Practice in shell recommendation scenarios

  4. On the feature engineering of micro vision recommendation system

  5. WeChat AI Algorithm expert que Wenhui's open class record : Algorithms are not master keys ! from 0 To 1 Build the recommended system architecture

Translated an article ,python Version of the code clean way :python The way to keep the code clean

read & writing

There are two main aspects of reading :

  1. Continue to do 《 Soft skills 》 Learning notes of , There are still about 20 Content of Chapter , It is estimated that 2 The month can complete , Then you can write an article after reading , In fact, you can also write more notes according to different contents ;

  2. Continue to look at 《 Xiaoqiang's promotion 》, I finished another chapter on the plane home , speed of progress 49% 了 , hope 2 You can finish reading in January ;

In writing , The official account has actually been updated this month 5 Original articles , Then reprinted 1 An article :

  1. Simple summary 2019 & expectation 2020

  2. With Kobe's lifetime data , Looking back on his court legend

  3. python The way to keep the code clean

Update every month from the plan 8 Original articles , Still less 3 piece , therefore 2 Try to update more in January , May consider every day or every 2 Update a study note every day , For example, learn python Some tips of , Then update a shorter , about 1000-2000 Word content , In this way, time only needs 5-10 minute , Very easy to read , And will not instill too much knowledge at one time , Of course, update to a certain number , It will be summarized and put in the same article , Intend to 2 Try this model in January .

2 Monthly plan

2 The plan for the month is as follows :

  1. Update weekly at least 2 Technical article ( Excluding the weekly journal & In summary )

  2. complete 《 Soft skills 》 Reading notes of , Update at least 1 After reading this article

  3. complete 《 Xiaoqiang's promotion 》 The reading of , Update at least 1 Reading notes

Let's simply make these plans first , I hope to conclude by the end of this month , Can be done one by one !

Last ,2020 Year of 1 month , It's not a good start , There are still increasing cases of pneumonia , As a result, everyone had the most special Spring Festival holiday , Live a day when staying at home is making contributions to the country ;

And for basketball fans , Especially Kemi , It was a very bad start , Up to now , I still can't believe Kobe's death , I can't believe it was such an accidental death

Welcome to my WeChat official account. -- The growth of algorithmic apes , Or scan the QR code below , Let's talk , Learning and progress !

2020 year 1 In summary _python


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