Brief summary 2019 & Outlook 2020

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2019 summary

Look back on this year as a whole , A year of complete economic independence , Also work for a full year , Change a lot , Despite the progress , But it's not obvious enough , The three minute heat that still exists 、 delay 、 Low executive power .


The same project was done this year , However, the specific task involves fine-grained classification 、 Key point detection and the content of the recommendation system currently being done , But at present, they are only getting started , They didn't study very deeply , This is also a pity ;

Work efficiency has been greatly improved in the second half of the year , Mainly by making weekly plans , Arrange the work to do of the day first every morning , Especially add three things , Efficiency has improved a lot , And daily work records , It is still good for weekly review and review ;


There are still too many goals at the beginning of the year , And overestimate your self-discipline , So the actual completion is not ideal , To consolidate the python The basis of 、 Completed how to build a machine learning project series , I also did a few code combat projects , But it can be better ;

In reading , Only completed 4 The reading of this book , And three technical books , Yes, I read a few of them ;

In terms of curriculum , Courses on geek time have been increased to 4 The door is open , In addition to the newly bought database course , The other three have learned part of the content , But not yet ;

official account

It's still a long way from the goal at the beginning of the year , In fact, I also participated in mutual push this year 、 Book delivery activities , Then I also sent a soft text advertisement , And Dangdang's book purchase promotions , But the amount of reading and attention increased slowly .

Of course, it's still because the quality of the article is not high , Then the update frequency is not regular enough , For a time or two because of laziness , In fact, I didn't write original articles . This leads to the fact that 12 The month also became more Buddhist .

Financial investment

Before graduation , My financial management is mainly bookkeeping ; But after graduation , With income , Financial management is not just bookkeeping , Save money , Also began to pay attention to the official account of financial investment. , This year is a complete experience , However, the current investment is still limited to the fixed investment of the fund , After all, high risk and high return , I can't accept too high principal loss for the time being .

However, this year's investment is still associated with a lot of fund portfolios , So it looks too scattered , Management is not good , Some are time consuming .

Emotional life

Last , The most important thing this year is to meet a girlfriend , Successful single removal , Unexpected things , The new role , Greater responsibility !

2020 expectation

2020 In the target :

  1. Continue to improve algorithms and engineering capabilities , Work can be more comfortable to complete each requirement ;

  2. Official account , Maybe it will be more Buddhist operation , Write a good article first , I hope it can be completed every week 1-2 The original article of , Weekly learning summary , I hope the reading volume can be increased to 300, Increased number of people concerned 5k+

  3. Strive to complete it every month 1 Reading of this book , Read all the year round 12 This book

  4. Continuing learning in financial management and investment ;

  5. Weekly exercise time 150 minute

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