After brushing: wireless routing + USB offline Bt + remote management!

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This article is purely for my record setting process , So as not to forget when it needs to be reset in the future ...

I've been fascinated by offline recently bt, Tell the truth , Now mainstream offline bt The way is nothing more than the following :
1、 Assemble the table by yourself bt machine , It costs about a few hundred dollars , The advantage is that it is easy to manage , The disadvantage is trouble , Take up space , Power consumption , High calorific value ... Generally speaking, multiple small hosts occupy more space .
2、 buy smc That kind of network download machine , The advantage is that it is relatively simple and practical , The disadvantage is that it is said that the download speed is very slow ,2m It is said that the download speed is only a few dozen kb, Can't satisfy me bt Purpose .
3、 belt usb Port support offline bt Wireless routing , This seems better , For example, brush dd Or tomato Firmware routing , It is more convenient to use , But most of these firmware are in English , It's not used by ordinary people. Good .

Recently, when I was wandering on the Internet , By chance, I came across a model called Shanghai Bell RG100A Wireless routing , This wireless routing claims that the hardware design is extremely powerful : Main chip BCM6358( Chip speed 300MHZ), The switching chip is BCM5325, The wireless chip is BCM4318,FLASH Capacity of 16MB, The memory capacity is 32MB DDR.

Tell the truth , I don't know if this configuration is strong , The key is that the price and function of this thing attract me , The second-hand ones sold online only 60 element , The function , The hardware is external usb Interface , Just brush openwrt The firmware , Wireless routing can be realized 、usb offline bt Offline electric donkey and other functions I need !

In line with the principle of doing good with less money , I decided to pay this 60 Give it a try ! Plus 10 Yuan express fee , route 2 I'll send it to you in a few days ! When you get it, you're stupid , This thing is not small .... Much more than I thought .,... The volume is about what I used before netgear 614 Of 2 times ....

But whether black or white , As long as he can catch mice, he is a good cat !

The first step after routing : Open brush !

First of all openwrt Official Chinese online tutorial ! You can't go wrong by following the tutorial ! First, brush openwrt Of 3.12 edition , The specific process is as follows :

1、 download openwrt Chinese firmware 3.12 To PC
2、 take PC Net mouth IP Address setting and Of the same network segment IP Address , Let's set it to
3、 Find the route RST key . Find the brush port of the route “lan4”
4、 Turn off the cat .
5、 Hold the cat's... With a toothpick or something RST key , Then turn on the power ( Do not loosen RST), Keep pressing 20 Second . Then release RST key
6、 take PC The network port is connected with “ Brush the machine mouth lan4” Connected to a . open windows cmd Under the window ping, If you can ping through , It shows that we have successfully taken the first step .
7、 adopt IE or forfox visit
8、 The login screen appears , Need to enter CFE Account password , account Number :telecomadmin password :nE7jA%5m
9、 After logging in, you can select the downloaded 3.12 Firmware upgrade , After two minutes, the machine will automatically shut down and restart .
10、 According to the tutorial, you should “ Plug the network cable into BCM6358 Other openings of the cat , Be careful , This step must not be ignored ...”, I don't understand what this step is for , But I don't care about him , Anyway, it doesn't affect the use of .

Only this and nothing more , It's done , The machine has been brushed openwrt 3.12 Version of the , It can realize wireless routing and offline bt The function of !

The second step : Set up wireless internet access !

First, log in to the management interface of wireless routing , The method is to enter in the browser, Here's the picture , The account number is root, The password is admin.

After logging in, set wan mouth , Is to get my Zhujiang broadband network address , The specific settings are shown in the figure below :

go in wan Setup page , choice dhcp, Interface selection eth1.1, Corresponding route lan4 mouth , It is the legendary network cable entrance wan Mouth !

Here we are ,wan Port setting is complete , Click save and apply in the lower right corner !

Next is lan Port setup : Here's the picture :

Just press the above settings !

Last but not least wifi Set up , The wireless routing settings !

from “ The Internet ”-》“wifi”-》“radio0” Go in and set :

Set... As shown below :

The red circle is where you should pay special attention not to make mistakes !

After setting, click save and apply in the lower right corner ! Only this and nothing more , The route has been turned on wifi The function of ! You can use it to surf the Internet wirelessly ! ha-ha !

The third step :usb Port mount mobile hard disk !
Only the mobile hard disk is mounted , To be offline bt, To download HD blockbusters offline ! Hey, hey, you know !
The specific steps are as follows :
1、 Find a removable hard disk , Format as FAT32 perhaps ntfs Format , My personal use is ntfs Format .
2、 Download from the Internet swapfile.rar file ( Because the forum doesn't let you send links , So I suggest you search directly on the Internet
3、 take swapfile decompression , Then copy it to the root directory of the mobile hard disk
4、 Pass the mobile hard disk through usb The line found the route usb mouth
5、 Turn on the routing power , Enter the routing settings page , Entry system --》 Mount point , Set it up as follows

After setting up , Mobile hard disk mount work and swap The virtual memory is all set !

Step five : The most important thing is to go offline bt Set up !

above all , Why is the most important ? Because if not for offline bt, I wouldn't have bought it , Just because it has offline bt I just bought it ! Hey !

openwrt Offline bt The function is easy to turn on , The specific steps are as follows :
1、 Go to the settings page , service ,transmission

Click in , Check open

After saving the application , Browser input, You can log in and go offline bt Management interface of !, Here's the picture

Click... On the page open, You can select the seed file , You can start downloading ! Great! !

The following setup steps are very important , Otherwise the speed will be very slow !
1、 close qos, Download Online putty Chinese version of software , Log in to the router's command line mode through it , Enter... In command line mode :
/etc/init.d/qos stop
/etc/init.d/qos disable
And shut it down completely qos.
2、 Turn off firewall , The details are as follows: :

After the above settings , The network speed can be full speed !

Look at my Pearl River Broadband 2m Bandwidth download speed :

ha-ha , Great! , Download at full speed ! Only this and nothing more , offline bt It's perfect !

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