The first child won 500 million luxury houses and the second child won 1.5 billion belly seals. Her life is what all women want!

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One child got 5 Billion mansions , Second child Award 15 Yifeng belly , Her life is what all women want !

Three years ago , An Yixuan married Chen Ronglian, President of Macau Dejin group . not long ago , She gave birth to a second daughter , A family has ushered in a happy life for four people , This also makes everyone in the entertainment industry envy her . An Yixuan gave birth to a second child , Many people think that after she married into a rich family , You need to consolidate your position by having children .

According to Taiwan media , An Yixuan's husband, Chen Ronglian, President of Macau Dejin group, gave birth to a child , Gave a luxury house worth HK $600 million , Worth 540 million yuan . Each villa covers an area of about 660 square meters , The villa has four floors , Five rooms on each floor , Even the servant has two rooms .

After that , I didn't expect to have a child under the age of one , The second child . Before her second child was born , The company's 15 Million shares transferred to her . After having a second child , An Yixuan shared the good news about her second child on the social platform . In the video , An Yixuan's husband Chen Ronglian holds his eldest son in one hand , Holding her little daughter in one hand , He is very happy. . Even an Yixuan said , After having a second child , She found that her husband didn't hold her in one hand , People around say that her daughter is more beautiful than her , She had to admit defeat . meanwhile , It is said that the second child was officially sealed after giving birth .

Actually , Don't look at two people so loving , In fact, Chen Ronglian was not an Yixuan's dish at the beginning . At that time, an Yixuan didn't know Chen Ronglian , Chen Ronglian and her friends came to see her , So an Yixuan felt very inexplicable . Then they met at the concert , But an Yixuan didn't like him at that time , But Chen Ronglian is not discouraged . He followed her from Paris to Hengdian , Don't forget to give gifts at every festival , So slowly moved . The facts after marriage prove that , She didn't marry the wrong person .

Compared with other rich people , Chen Ronglian is a clean trend , He is also his wife's super favorite , More Than This , And she said when she had a baby , The husband took the initiative to enter the delivery room , Always with her , Take care of yourself after birth .

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