Feng Yuanzheng and his wife show their love together. The couple have been in love for 28 years

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Does everyone know Feng Yuanzheng ? Maybe I don't think the name is familiar , But tell me about the TV series you've played , Maybe a little impression , That's the one 《 Don't talk to strangers 》 The hero in . Recently, he and his wife Liang Danni have also begun to show their love , They went to the service trade fair hand in hand .

In order to participate in activities , Both Feng Yuanzheng and Liang Danni attach great importance to , In formal clothes , And it's all black , It's kind of a couple outfit . Two people stroll hand in hand , It's raining outside , Feng Yuanzheng holds an umbrella for his wife .

Because now the requirements of epidemic prevention , Liang Danni and Feng Yuanzheng both wear masks , Although I can't see what it looks like , But we can see their state through their words, deeds, manners and temperament . Feng Yuanzheng and his wife Liang Danni were walking and watching , Stop from time to time to discuss .

Compared with Feng Yuanzheng , Liang Danni is a little older , But not a big woman , She has been snuggling up to Feng Yuanzheng , They look very loving .

To put it bluntly , Liang Danni also had another marriage , Just early divorce . meanwhile , Liang Danni and Feng Yuanzheng are also because of this play . Now the actors are in love because of the play , So everyone is not surprised . But after all, the play is unrealistic , So everyone has a negative view of the actors in the play , What's more, Liang Danni is older and Feng Yuanzheng is more than eight years old , Such a pair of lovers , Everyone doesn't support .

However, Feng Yuanzheng is also very “ stubborn ”, He doesn't care what others think , Don't care about Liang Danni's past , As long as it is your own now and in the future . Eventually they gave up their marriage , Finally got the marriage certificate . After marriage, both Liang Danni and Feng Yuanzheng kept a low profile , Just occasionally send some news .

from the beginning , Liang Danni and Feng Yuanzheng are favored by everyone , Up to now, it is admired by everyone , It's been a long time . Only time can prove the existence of true love . Now the entertainment industry is too impetuous , Some star couples are in name only , And the average female star is easy to divorce after marriage , This may be because they didn't think clearly about the consequences of marriage .

But the real marriage should be like Liang Danni and Feng Yuanzheng , Both stars and ordinary people can , There are bound to be ups and downs in marriage , But help each other in marriage 、 Understanding each other , Only in the long run . No one has a difficult Sutra to read ?

however , Liang Danni and Feng Yuanzheng have no children , Neither husband nor wife wants children . The most important thing is Feng Yuanzheng. He thinks the child crying is really annoying , So I want DINK , And her wife, Liang Danni, respects her husband's opinion . Now they are no longer the best childbearing age , Maybe DINK will live forever . But now it saves a lifetime of work without children , Each has his own blessing , They live happily , That's the most important thing .

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