Sun Honglei, who was "killed", is going to step down from the "altar"?!

Oriental Infotainment 2021-09-15 08:47:00

Speaking of sun Honglei , Everyone should be familiar with it .《 conquer 》 Liu Huaqiang and 《 latent 》 The rest of the year was really beyond everyone's expectation , They became Grand Slam emperors . They were also shortlisted for the Golden Rooster Award for best supporting actor .

so to speak , Except for the face , Sun Honglei is the best match , Strength also proves that this handsome actor doesn't just look at his face .

This time, , Sun Honglei took his new work for many years 《 Black storm 》 Return to , This actually surprised many people , But his performance in the play is commendable . By “ Kill ” Sun Honglei , Is it time to step down from the altar ?

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