Privatization deployment is an important factor for enterprises to select low code

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If you are an entrepreneur, I suggest you read this article carefully . That's true , A Guan recently conducted a survey on the factors of low code customer selection , It is found that enterprises pay more attention to the functional element of privatization deployment when choosing low code platforms , Especially some special sensitive enterprises, such as military industry 、 The government 、 Financial etc. , Pay more attention to the ability of privatization deployment . therefore , What exactly is a privatization deployment ? Why do enterprises value it so much ? What are the low code platforms with privatized deployments ? Let's continue to look down !

Privatized deployment means that an enterprise has its own servers , Buy a privatized version of the development platform , Install to the enterprise server through the platform engineer . It is generally one of the best choices for qualified enterprises and enterprises that are very sensitive to data security . The price of privatized deployment is usually higher .

Privatization deployment has been valued and loved by more and more enterprises , The main reason is that it has more advantages and humanized management than cloud solutions .

Privatization deployment has the following main benefits :

1、 More flexible functions , The management mode is more mature , Support enterprise personalized customization

2、 safer , The system is deployed locally , More secure and controllable data

3、 Strong expansion , Enterprises can carry out secondary development independently

4、 Internal and external network isolation can be realized , LAN + Internet Office , Give full play to comprehensive advantages

A Guan thought to find some platforms with privatization deployment function to make a comparison for your reference , But after looking for it, I found that there is a low level of privatization deployment / There are few codeless platforms , So I decided to directly recommend a better low code platform in this regard —— White code .

Privatization deployment is actually an important element for enterprises to select low code
The privatization deployment of white code is like this , Deploy the software system developed by the enterprise on the white code platform to the customer's local or private cloud environment through the platform privatization command . It supports distributed deployment and one click deployment , You just need to give a service code , Other complex installation and deployment are solved by platform developers , Generally, other platforms need to be purchased, and users can solve some problems by themselves , This is more troublesome . After privatization deployment , There is no limit to the number of users of the system , You can register countless accounts , Look at other platforms, there will be restrictions on the number of users , Like Mingdao cloud, the use of the highest specification version will also be limited 250 Users , White code is really a complete victory in this regard . besides , It also has no service life limit after deployment , It means forever . Because of privatization , Therefore, after deployment, the functions in the system are no longer limited by the platform , Completely independent , High safety , This is also the issue that enterprises are most concerned about and need the most functionality . Next, you should have such a question , It's completely independent. Does it matter after the platform ? No, it isn't , The white code platform will be continuously deployed for users , It means that a new version can also be updated to users , This is also an advantage not found on other platforms . The last and most important issue is the price , Platforms with privatization deployment are very expensive , Most need inquiry , A Guan guessed that the number is too large , The white code is clearly priced, and the price is also over value, which has an absolute advantage . therefore , If you have a need to privatize deployment , It is recommended that you use white code .

Privatization deployment has long been a hot commodity for enterprises , A Guan believes that the privatization deployment of low code platforms for customers is really helping customers do their own business , Improve production efficiency .

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