What are the contents of official account operation?

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      In recent years, with the rapid development of information network technology , New media also came into being , This has a great impact on the advertising communication industry . Compared with traditional media, new media , It covers a wide range , Inclusive , Abundant information , There are many ways of transmission , And it spreads very fast , With these advantages, new media occupies an extremely important position in the media market .

      Now many merchants are also interested in new media operation , But I don't know how to operate , Here is a detailed introduction to the following .

      Brand building

      Create a brand story according to the merchant's organizational nature and development marketing direction , Design , The official account of WeChat , The official account is written and promoted regularly. ;

      Account establishment and management

      Set up planning proposals and production in official account menu bar according to user needs. , The whole design of wechat , Including guided attention map 、 Wechat graphic typesetting , Unify the visual image , Through sorting out the common problems of users , Set corresponding keyword auto reply , The implementation consultation can get standard reply , Official account management of WeChat public address ;

      Content operation

      According to organizational brand , Grasp enterprise demands , Combined with current hot spots according to user needs , Write original text , Make scheduling plan , Making creative posters ;

      Event operations

      According to brand needs , Meet the needs of the market , Plan online interactive marketing activities , Activity effect data collection , Brand operation analysis based on data 、 summary .  

      The above is about the service content of official account operation. , In fact, it is still very complicated , For those who need to operate, I suggest you choose a professional agent operation company , Jutui media is a diversified network information technology company , Full range network marketing service provider , The company is based on technology application , In line with “ The good faith 、 responsibility 、 It can be 、 innovation ” Service tenet of . Jutui media relies on excellent talents and rich enterprise service experience 、 Strong sales network and market operation strength , Shaping the network image of new enterprises and institutions in the Internet Era ; Building a strong brand in the Internet Era .
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