On the experience of applying for winning the bid in China

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Reporting country's natural fund skills

Understand... As a whole , Application form of National Natural Science Foundation of China ( Hereinafter referred to as the application ) It contains two series , First, focus on scientific issues 、 The content of scientific hypothesis and research process , The second is the content related to project implementation . This paper focuses on each part of the scientific research in the application , Describe the main points item by item 、 Writing skills and frequently asked questions .

Lessons learned :1) China's nature is the of basic research , Don't put too much emphasis on Application ;2) The bidding documents of China's nature are completely different from those of major special projects of the Ministry of science and Technology , The latter focuses on products that can be developed .

Proposal writing :

1. The basis for project establishment should not be too broad , Can't write a summary , Every sentence should have a purpose , Each paragraph should be logical .

2. The best way to write Layers of depth , Ask and answer That kind of , Like telling a story , Answer only part , Be tasted , Tips have a foundation , It is feasible to continue ,( Please help me ).

3. Key statements are underlined , But not too much , It's best to reflect innovation , Logicality .

4. Everything in it should revolve around —— The project is feasible , It's new ( appalling ), I have a foundation , The platform can , Pre experiment tips throw me money , I'll complete the experiment ( Can you finish the problem ).

Suggestions and suggestions :

1. Maintain a good relationship with funded predecessors , Their experience is important .

2. Maintain a good relationship with professors you know , They will help you seriously change , Holidays , To greet . The tender had better be revised to them half a year in advance , Because they may also have bids , And give us enough time to modify or supplement the experimental time , There shall be no obvious errors in the bid .

3. Keep producing , Even Chinese articles or conference papers , Let the reviewers know you're still trying .

4. Your mouth , Please try to attend the annual meeting of that circle , Then try to send a summary at their annual meeting , article , Make speeches , Know more people , Send business cards .

5. Selected port , Check the projects funded in the past three years , It's best to have winners from your school or your friend's school . It is convenient to ask the corresponding person for advice on your bid .

Review the months between graduation and application submission , I mainly did the following things :

  1. Study the application guide , Familiar with the application process

  2. Extensive data collection , Understand expert opinions

  3. Analyze your own characteristics , Position the research field

  4. Research previous studies , Determine the research content

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