A grumpy old man forgotten by the Turing Award: the father of LSTM is powerful again!

Zhiyuan community 2021-09-15 08:44:54

LSTM The father of Jürgen Schmidhuber Fire again , He posted a blog , Looking back on the last century 90 s , Papers with high citations in the field of neural networks , And the results of these papers and the origin between himself and his laboratory .

In a word, it is :

These highly cited achievements , Based on my achievements .

In a few words :

LSTM Needless to say . Besides , Other well-known pioneering work today, such as ResNet, such as AlexNet, such as GAN, such as Transformer, It has something to do with my work , I made some of the first editions , But now these people don't talk about martial virtue , The reference is not standardized , There is a problem with the attribution of these achievements .

Although these words are not Schmidhuber I said it for the first time , But it's still necessary to listen to the words of the elders in the circle , Find out why Schmidhuber So unwilling .

Jürgen Schmidhuber Achieve equal stature , But in the circle, it has been flying against people , Take this article to learn about this grumpy man .

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