Liu Jun, an electrician, is more annoying than Su Daqiang in the play, and loves the designer's wife, who is 14 years younger outside the play

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It's on the air 《 The children of the Qiao family 》 in , A character was scolded by the audience from the broadcast of the drama to the finale , This is the Qiao family 5 Joe Zuwang, the father of a child . In the play, he is mean to his wife , Be stingy with children , I only care about whether I am comfortable all my life . Such a selfish father , No wonder the audience agreed that it was better than 《 Are both good 》 Su Daqiang is even more annoying .

In the first episode, my wife has difficulty giving birth . Clearly heard that his wife went to the hospital , He still thinks that he hasn't finished playing mahjong , Even by my sister-in-law ( serena Decoration ) Call to the hospital is still reluctant .

After the death of his wife , He spent a few dollars on an urn and thought it was a waste . In the mourning hall, Xiangru Yimou's wife didn't even have a suitable photo , It makes people feel too sad .

The death of his wife does not mean that he will take charge of the children's lives , He never felt like he was going to change , Instead, they expect their children to take care of their daily life .

The most bitter thing is naturally the eldest Joe Yicheng , Be both a father and a mother , He should be concerned about his brother and sister's study , Food, clothing, housing and transportation were contracted by him . No wonder he would say after many years that he felt like he had children long ago , Because he brought up his siblings .

One of the biggest worries of the top two is 10% , Sanli was bullied by others. He was like protecting a chicken , Simei secretly went to Beijing to see the concert , He went alone to find . Seeing such a sensible eldest son , Being a father is not only not grateful , Instead, I think I should live so natural and unrestrained , Don't be bound by children's trifles .

It's not enough to give your little son to your wife and sister , He also wanted to send his little daughter away , Just to lighten my burden , Don't care about the children's opposition . When he quarreled with Yicheng, he shouted that he should not enjoy happiness after working hard all his life , Ten percent scoff , It's not him but his father who took care of everyone when he was a child .

Joe's father is not completely inhuman , When I saw that 10% married Xiang Nanfang, a senior cadre's child , His attitude 180 Degree transformation . He knows how to use this relationship , Give your own affiliated unit to stay without pay , Someone has to send a car to sweep the grave , Also thinking about going to a physical examination every year , No wonder the eldest daughter-in-law is so satisfied in his eyes , Both face and lining .

He once said that he would never let Ma Suqin, the wife he married after erqiang, enter the door , But for the sake of nanny, Qu aying's son has a place to stay , He also put down his face , He whispered that he could come home at any time , And he bowed his head and admitted that he had done wrong before . What is flexibility , It's really reflected to the greatest extent in him .

He is really good at this little song in his picture , Take me to the movies , Buy her something , Maybe he didn't really go out to love , But leave a way for yourself . Seeing that he secretly wrote down each sum of money to the other party, I knew that he was still hard to change .

After all, he also knows that children and himself are not so intimate , He also wants to be taken care of in his old age , Capable aunt Qu is the first choice . He doesn't even care about what he pays , This is the first time for him who is stingy .

He never celebrated his children's and wife's birthdays , I can't believe I have two tables for this nanny . But when the other party asks for a home , He pretended to be stupid .

Seeing him break his leg and paralyze , I was full of spirit , In the twinkling of an eye, there was no spirit , Sitting in a wheelchair, silently looking at the distance , This scene is very sad . Son Qiao Yicheng never says soft words , But privately, Qi Weimin sent the money , He was worried from the bottom of his heart that his father would be bullied if he had no money .

If Joe's father stamped his feet before , At the last minute, my conscience found out . He found Qi Weimin in private , Secretly let him take the house property certificate to his son 10% .

He knows that a pair of themselves are hard spoken and soft hearted , He knows better that only children care about themselves . When I saw that Qiqi, who had never been raised, could come to visit me , He thought of his wife who had died for many years , This is dying repentance .

When I heard the news of his death ,5 A child ( Including 77 ) They hurried home , See daddy lying there , A hard spoken 10% can't hide the pain . He will go to the snack bar his father promised to eat Xiaolong alone , I also left a cage for my father , The deep hatred between father and son has passed , No amount of diaphragm can be dissolved .

In this play, actor Liu Jun plays Qiao Zuwang , And he was 《 To know whether 》 Master Sheng, who plays in, is not liked by the audience . Sheng � Knowing that Lin xiaoniang is spoiled and arrogant at home, she never stops , Whether to Mrs. Wang or Xiao Niang Wei , Never more worried , More authority as a husband is there .

He has no respect from the bottom of his heart for the old lady who has brought herself up with her heart , But just afraid of being called unfilial . In order to protect their official voice and family face , He can not even pursue aunt Kang ( Mrs. Wang's sister ) The crime of deliberately poisoning , He knows that Lin xiaoniang killed Wei xiaoniang ( Minglan's mother ) And don't want to punish , It's more about taking care of your reputation .

If I didn't know his age , It's hard to imagine that Joe Zu, who is old enough to perform, wants such a 72 Actor in . Liu Jun is different from Bai Yu who plays Qiao Yicheng 18 year , It's different from Zhao Liying who plays Sheng minglan 15 year , And Wang Renjun, who plays the eldest son of the Sheng family 11 year , But he acted the father who only thought about himself .

Bai Yu, who plays his son Qiao Yicheng, praised teacher Liu Jun for his good performance , I was also angry with Joe Zu when I was acting ,“ They are very angry , If you are not angry, how can so many complex emotions come to your mind .” Bai Yu smiled and said that teacher Liu Jun sacrificed himself , Made everyone .

Liu Jun didn't learn acting at first ,19 He is still working as an electrician , But did not give up the desire for art . He secretly saved up his vacation after work , Finally, I was admitted to Xie Jin film and Television Art College , From this, I started my own acting road . After that, he still studied at Shandong Academy of art , When I was a student, I acted in my first TV play 《 Hundred years of ups and downs 》.

Many audiences are impressed by him because he plays mother and son with the performing artist Siqingaowa 《 Kangxi Dynasty 》, He was less than 30 year , High appearance is impressive , I don't have stage fright when I play against an old opera . The play also opened up a situation for him , Let many people in the industry and the audience remember him .

I have been an artist for many years , Liu Jun has played countless roles, although he is not the main role , But he was praised as an ace supporting role . stay 《 Emergency room story 》 in , He is Guan Jizhou who guards Su Li , His tenderness, consideration and perseverance are praised by fans as “ The person who wants to marry most ”.

stay 《 When we were young, we happened to 》 in , He is a handsome, golden and gentle old man Li , Has a funny and affectionate side .

He is more familiar or because he plays the National Father . stay 《 To know whether 》 Zhong is father Sheng , stay 《 The children of the Qiao family 》 It's Joe's father . In fact, when I took over the play , The director once asked him if he was worried about being scolded , He didn't hesitate ,“ Actors just want to shape roles ? No matter good or bad , Have to shape .”

Was born in 70 He vaguely remembers many such families in that era , Because there are so many children, parents ignore them . He understood Qiao Zuwang's material , Unlike today's families, children are the apple of their eye , In the past, it was more to consider the elderly first than to put the needs of children first .

When people compare Qiao Zuwang with Su Daqiang , Liu Jun said the two were different ,“ Joe Zuwang is not doing , He is selfish 、 Love to be cheap , He has a nickname called ‘ Joe fine shaver ’, Namely Especially calculating , In old age, there are some parts more like Su Daqiang , Like to make trouble .”

Liu Jun has always worked hard in playing the father , Think over and over during the performance , How can he perform his superficial and snobbish , Stare when angry , When selfish, ignore . His goal is to make the role interesting , Have a sense of reality . In Liu Jun's eyes , Joe Zuwang also has lovely places .

In the play , Joe's father make complaints about the irresponsible father , But outside the play , He is good at making children happy , When shooting, the little actor was particularly willing to interact with Liu Jun , In especial “ Xiao Sanli ” and “ Xiao Simei ”, At the scene, no matter how far away , As soon as I see him , The girls will jump and shout “ Dad ”.

The happy interaction with the little actor is also because he is a good father who loves his daughter ,5 His daughter was spoiled by him as a little princess .

His wife is 86 Lan Yu, a famous designer born in , He is also the Royal designer of many stars . For Shana 、 Christy 、 Luo Haiqiong and others customized the wedding dress , And became girlfriends with many female stars .

Lanyu is also the designated designer of many star dresses , because 《 Hello , Li Huanying 》 Zhang Xiaofei of the fire chose her design in the grand ceremony .

Do not look 72 Liu Junbi in 86 Lanyu is big in 14 year , But it is very sweet and happy . They are very low-key , So low-key that many people don't know that his wife is so famous . Lanyu seldom basks in her husband , Once I took a group photo of my husband and daughter on a social platform , Because the frequency is too few, many people don't know .

In Liu Jun's role 《 The children of the Qiao family 》 On the air , After closing the comments, only Lan Yu left a message . He also wrote about why he didn't like “ Minglan ” and “ Ming Yu ”, Not because of who “ bright ”, Did everyone leave a message because “ Lanyu ”. This is the rhythm of dark rubbing in the hair sugar .

Liu Jun believes that parents and children get along , The most important thing is equality , To be friends , Be a partner , Company is also important , And it is accompanied by quality , Not giving the children to the playground 、 Give it to the toy 、 To the cartoon . I see , He has a lot of experience in educating children .

He said he would accompany his daughter every time he came home after filming , Play a game or do something together , He also often reflects on what he is not doing well , Because it's my first time to be a father and I'm studying . He not only learns to be a father , He also used his experience as a father in the performance , No wonder they are successful actors .

Lan Yu once revealed how much her husband cares about her daughter , She said to her daughter , No matter who you fall in love with or marry in the future , The lover who loves her most must be the father , Look at Liu Jun and his daughter eating a bowl of noodles and looking happy , I know there are women, everything is enough .

Do you like Joe's father played by Liu Jun , Can you understand what he did to his children , Will you be moved by his transformation in the grand finale , Welcome to interact with Xiaobian ~

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