"Hello prosecutor" premiered. Sun Yi's appearance is very high, but her plays are distorted and her idol drama temperament is serious

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9 month 8 Sunday night , TV play 《 Hello, prosecutor 》 Two episodes premiered on Zhejiang satellite TV . The play was written by Sun Yi 、 Zhang Haowei and other actors starred , It's about the woman who became a prosecutor through an interview ( Some fans have questions about the plot , Students at the University of justice , Can you interview directly to become a prosecutor ), At work , Often encounter the story of a man who has become a lawyer . Based on the two episodes that have been broadcast so far ,《 Hello, prosecutor 》 The temperament of idol drama is too serious , The play is distorted on many levels . The hostess Sun Yi was in the first few scenes , High beauty value . Male host Zhang Haowei doesn't have an eye-catching part at present .

Let's start with the problem of distortion . Of the two episodes that have been broadcast , There are many things I don't understand , I don't know if the play is distorted , Or my personal level is not enough . My aunt said it in vain , A house of laughter and generosity . First of all , The woman's mother objected to her daughter becoming a prosecutor . In this TV play , The female owner has a large group company . This rich family , Against her daughter becoming a prosecutor , I hope my daughter will go home and inherit the group , That's what the plot should mean . So in the first two episodes , An important pressure of women's work , From the woman's mother .

If we force “ Rationalization ” This plot , Not too many problems . however , Many of the wealthier families that Lao Bian contacts , If children learn better , And have the ability to enter the ranks of public servants , The family is very supportive . Maybe I have too little contact with the rich , Only the wealthier families , Are willing to take the civil service exam for their children . The mind of the rich in the play , It's hard to guess . I think , This plot , It's different from what I know , It may be distorted .

The second place , A confrontational bridge between a witness in court and a defense lawyer . In the first episode , The heroine appeared as a witness , The hero appears in court as a defense lawyer , Both once “ More dense ” Of “ Word game ” Confrontation on . This confrontation is , Of course it's fun to look at . Actually , In the film and television dramas with the theme of Hong Kong law and politics decades ago , This bridge section design mode has long been used . If you put 《 Hello, prosecutor 》 If you watch it as an ordinary idol play , There is no problem with this model . however , If you insist on watching it as a drama , I want to ask , such “ Spitting stars flying ” Is it true ?

Old editor “ No talent ”, Once in court , I really look at the judicial personnel of our country with new eyes . There's really not so much spittle and stars flying . The judge knows what he wants to ask , Are very precise questions . Witnesses and lawyers “ Toss into ” In the plot , Should be kicked out . The time Lao Bian went to court , other party “ Spitting stars flying ”, The judge warned directly , What to ask and what to answer , Or I'll ask you out . The whole trial , Are carried out in a very rational state . There is really no such thing as Hong Kong legal drama “ Huahuaguti ”.

The third place , All kinds of emotional behavior of the female owner , Like a person who has received Judicial Studies and achieved excellent results ? Or the one who always made up his own lawsuit . After winning the lawsuit , I'll apply to the court for execution . Don't say the specific content ( This is clearly stipulated ), Just the quality and level of the Executive , It's really impressive . In a state of extreme rationality , Everything is done in accordance with laws and regulations , There are no omissions . obviously , Judicial education in Universities , Can cultivate people into a very rational state . After reading the master of law , The top students who came out , It's really different .

and 《 Hello, prosecutor 》 among , The heroine's emotional impulse 、 Even incoherent state , It's really not like a law student with a master's degree and a master's degree . Especially the conversation with the lawyer during the first trial , It's more like law Xiaobai . Even some of the audience who haven't even read law , We all know what the hostess does , It's a typical little white . With such a plot 、 It is designed to create a female master , Really not distorted ?

Even in the two episodes , Also let the audience see too much “ Similar bridge section ”、“ Routine content ”. such as , The female owner is a rich family , The male Lord hides the secret of his life experience , They're going to be together , The main plot , It is the number of ways of many online texts , be too numerous to enumerate . Another example , The position of the hostess's mother at home , The state of being at home with the owner's father , It really sucks a lot of TV dramas . Even in the play , The most knowledgeable prosecutor , It has to be set as a single parent family , You have to choose between other people's work and children ? This setting , It's too tacky .

Look at this 《 Hello, prosecutor 》, Give me a kind of “ Study style ” The feeling of creation . Many of our writers of rural dramas , I like to live in my own small Western-style building , Thinking about life in the countryside , Then the script , No sense of reality . the 《 Hello, prosecutor 》 A similar problem , There are many passages of Hong Kong Legal dramas , There are many people who apply the bad and vulgar content of previous TV dramas , Only the lack of real wind collection , Lack of real observation of the characters .

《 Hello, prosecutor 》 In terms of aesthetic orientation , It's actually an idol drama . I think , Idol drama should stay in its own fixed background of male and female protagonists , Try not to touch the real role career . Idol drama can't be a panacea , Not all professions can be idolized . To create a real prosecutor's work and life , Writers should still go deep into collecting style , Create content that stands up to scrutiny .( writing / Ma Qingyun )

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