Qi Wei and his wife celebrated their 7th wedding anniversary. Lee Seung Hyun was not afraid of the itch of seven years. He once lived in the toilet

Tencent Entertainment 2021-09-15 08:39:15

In recent days, , Qi Wei and Lee Seung Hyun celebrated their seventh wedding anniversary on a social platform , Cause a heated discussion . Lee Seung Hyun Ka 17 spot 27 Distribute dynamic , Express your love for Qi Wei , Very attentive .

Lee Seung Hyun sun out a pair of cute couple bears , The little bear is wearing a white wedding dress , The little hand is still holding tightly , Lovely and romantic . The bears , yes 7 Two years ago at their wedding , What you have in your hand , It has been preserved with great care . He also wrote “ Seven year itch , I don't believe it ”.

Qi Wei is more generous to forward her husband's news , She said it was itchy or painful , Two people help each other , next 7 Years will continue to be together . The sweet declaration of Qi Wei and his wife , It makes people yearn for love more .

Fans are also , Send blessings to Qi Wei and Li Chengxuan , I hope they always love each other .

Lee Seung Hyun and Qi Wei met on the set , In the play, two people play lovers , In his spare time, Lee Seung Hyun takes good care of Qi Wei , After the shooting, the two were officially together . After that, Qi Wei and Lee Seung Hyun went to Brazil for a date to watch the ball game , On the court, the two were photographed hugging and kissing , Then open your relationship freely .

After the romance was exposed , Qi Wei and Lee Seung Hyun then faced questions . Because Lee Seung Hyun had been in love with an Yixuan for two years , It is said that an Yixuan helped Lee Seung Hyun get many film and television resources , But Lee Seung Hyun empathized and fell in love with Qi Wei .

In the face of rumors , Lee Seung Hyun chose to send a long article , Apologize to the public for the adverse impact , It doesn't mean you didn't cheat during love , After ending the previous relationship, I was with Qi Wei .

Covert love doesn't last long , Qi Wei said that she and her husband had confessed to each other , The emotional experience of both sides . She hopes the love process , It's listening to my husband confess , Instead of listening to the Internet . Qi Wei hopes more , If you meet your husband's ex at work , Can keep decent .

In spite of setbacks , But Qi Wei and Lee Seung Hyun have always loved each other . As a transnational couple , The outside world is curious about how they communicate , Qi Wei said in an interview that , My husband has been watching TV dramas to learn Chinese , Oral communication has advanced by leaps and bounds , They can even quarrel in Chinese .

After Qi Wei and his wife got married , Gave birth to a daughter Lucky, My daughter is very ancient and strange , Looks like Qi Wei , It's a small version of Qi Wei . A family of three often go out to play , Very happy .

Although I already have a baby daughter , But Lee Seung Hyun said he and his wife would spend time together , The feelings of husband and wife need a sense of ceremony . After they put their daughter to bed , Will put the chair in the toilet , Two people drink and chat together , Like love .

Despite the suspicion of the outside world , Qi Wei and Li Chengxuan live a down-to-earth life , Prove their love . Now I'm with you all the way 7 year , Had a surprise romance , There have been quarrels , But they always believed that each other , I hope Qi Wei and Lee Seung Hyun can be happy for a long time .

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