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2021 year 8 month 21 Japan , Luo Dayou won the first 32 The Golden Melody Award “ Special Contribution Award ”. The presenter of the award ceremony 、 Ma Shifang, a well-known music critic, said :“ Every song of Luo Dayou stands on the height of epic , Leave a witness for the great era . He let us know , A singer , You can not only have the soul of a poet , Can also have the spirit of thinkers and the temperament of revolutionaries . A record , It can also become an enlightenment event that shocked the times .” Broke into the singing world for more than 40 years , Luo Dayou interprets what is called... As a craftsman “ Do one thing well in life ”. Standing on the podium , He said ,“ enter a profession 44 year , I found that this award is the same as the Best Newcomer Award , You can only get it once in a lifetime .” finally ,67 At the age of, he raised the trophy and shouted at the young musician below :“ The old man didn't stop here , Why do you stop ? You come on !” The godfather of Chinese pop music who insists on responding to the times with creation , Brought us , It's not just a beautiful golden song . Is he , Let's become more courageous adults .

Lugang town music : Luo Dayou - Happy paradise to regain old love

1982 year , One against the explosive head 、 Wear a black suit 、 Singers wearing black framed Sunglasses came into public view .

Years old 28 Year old , The voice is thick and dumb , The lyrics are exquisite , The music fans sang frantically after him “ Taipei is not my home , There are no neon lights in my hometown ”.

This seemingly lonely singer is Luo Dayou , This song is still popular today 《 Lugang town 》.

《 Lugang town 》 It is the representative song of the wandering people in Taipei , It is also the song of struggle of people away from home .

Disillusioned fantasy 、 I can't go back to my hometown 、 The rapid development of modern civilization has brought tear and impact to the town …… Helpless and heavy emotions flowed out of the words .

A word of “ Young people who left home ” Hit the heart of generations , Also became Luo Dayou 2017―2020 Tour theme in .


Write “ In my dream, I returned to Lugang town again ” Luo Dayou , I have never been to Lugang , Not the one in the song “ Young people who left home ”.

His father is not described in the song “ Who runs a grocery store ”, But a famous doctor .

In the eyes of outsiders , Luo Dayou has a good family , He himself has always been a three good student with all-round development of morality, intelligence, physique and beauty . After graduating from medical school , He inherited his father's business , He also became a respected doctor .

Before becoming rock , He's been holding a scalpel “ rescue sb. ”.

《 Lugang town 》 The scene depicted in the song , It was all imagined by Luo Dayou . And the starting point of all imagination , He was a young man who helped him repair his motorcycle .

When I was a trainee doctor in Taipei , One day , Luo Dayou pushes the broken motorcycle to the repair shop , The young man who repaired the motorcycle looked sad , He talked to him .

original , The young man stole 20000 yuan from his hometown in Lugang and came to Taipei . He dreamed that he could earn several times as much money and go back to honor his family , As a result, the money brought by the result was cleaned up . No money and no face to go home , I have to stay in the car shop every day .

After Luo Dayou came home , a 《 Lugang town 》 It was born. .

“ The creator must follow his heart , That's for sure . however , I sometimes take the initiative to seek a situation that is not my current situation , This is a creative skill .”

Luo Dayou recalled .

Luo Dayou spent half his life struggling between making music and becoming a doctor , The struggle lasted a whole day 30 year .

Before he married his ex-wife Li lie , One day , Luo Dayou and his friends are having dinner in the restaurant , Talking about a friend in the music industry mentioned in the newspaper “ Luo Dayou was born ‘ noble ’, In terms of musician training , predominance ” the . Li lie agrees :“ Yeah , When we were young, we used to treat doctors and families as nobles .”

So , Luo Dayou stared at her for a minute , Scared her to cry in public .

In Li lie's eyes , The family of doctors is very respectable 、 Eminent , Luo Dayou is also very lucky .

Luo Dayou himself thought , The success of a father who has been fighting with both hands all his life is not achieved overnight , He never did it all at once 、 A genius who writes thousands of lines .

“ noble ” and “ dominant ” Such words , Whether used to define his father or Luo Dayou himself , It's quite unfair .

Wild lilies also have spring music : Luo Dayou - classical ・ classic ・ Luo Dayou

Luo Dayou and his ex-wife Li lie

Luo Dayou's grandfather had four men and four women , Luo Fu is the second in the family . Remember when I was a child , Luo Fu always remembers going to school barefoot , It takes six or seven hours to go back and forth .

Luo Fu's clinic in Kaohsiung , Only by 1 Assistants and 1 Nurse assistance , after 30 In, we worked hard to create a situation .

since 18 The age of , Luo Dayou learned surgery from his father . The family is full of doctors , That's why he went to medical school later .

Medical school 7 Annual training , Plus later working in the hospital 2 year . His friends thought he wasted so much time studying medicine , It's a pity . But medicine is rigorous and scientific , Training in ethics and respect for human rights , Yes, he later wrote songs 、 Make music and even live in the world , Have a great impact .

“ Looking back on my entire musical journey , My father supported me a lot behind my back . He knows I like music , Well done, too , Just keep advising me ,‘ You can make music , Don't give up practicing medicine . After all, doctors have a good social status , Income stability , And respected .’ ”

In an article about father , Luo Dayou wrote .

When Luo Dayou was a child

actually , Father is Luo Dayou's real friend on the road of music “ Kai star ”.

6 At the beginning of the year , My father bought a piano for Luo Dayou 、 The electric guitar 、 Electronic organ and other musical instruments ―― stay 60 Taiwan in the s , This is undoubtedly an extravagant consumption .

Most of the money for musical instruments , It's all borrowed by my father .

Father insisted that Luo Dayou play the piano , Urge him to get the piano 8 After level certificate , And encouraged him to take part in the choir . Just got to the third grade of primary school , He already knows how to catch the chord of a song .

Childhood , Luo Dayou was once tired of going to school every day 30 Minutes of piano practice , He prefers to run freely with his peers .

once , Luo Dayou and his neighbor's children were called home to practice the piano halfway , He cried in public .

Father's Enlightenment to Luo Dayou's music , Until he went to high school , Just began to appear . At that time , He has become interested in arranging music , And made many interesting attempts .

The piano is of great help to composers , Most of Luo Dayou's early songs were written on the piano , image 《 Lullaby 》 and 《 scarecrow 》 Such as slow songs with beautiful melody .

Love songs 1980 music : Luo Dayou - Rolling stone Golden Melody ( One )

Luo Dayou in childhood ( Left 2) And your family

After college , Luo Dayou spent most of his time listening to music . He began to buy a lot of records , After five years, I bought more than 1000 copies .” I'd rather have one less meal , Many also buy a record .”

The habit of listening to music , It's also inherited from my father .

Father likes listening to music . classical 、 Rock and roll 、 Sir …… From small to large , Luo Dayou listened to countless records with his father , Each type has .

“ Any creator , You must be a good audience before you succeed , For example, a good writer must first be a good reader , A good musician must first be a good listener . The creative process of music is subjective , But the process of music appreciation is objective , I've heard a lot of music before , And listen with a learning attitude , In this process, I slowly found my own music aesthetics .”

In Luo Dayou's memory , Father is dystonic .

In high school , My father invited colleagues from the hospital to spend the Mid Autumn Festival at home , Under everyone's pushing , He sang a song on the roof 《 The moon is out 》. A low voice , But it's still because we've been out of tune and attracted everyone's ridicule .

1998 One day in , In the small apartment Luo Dayou bought in New York , He once again heard his father sing the military song when he was a military man in Nanyang , The aunt who took care of him was very surprised :“ Grandfather , How can you sing ?”

“ You don't know? , I taught Luo Dayou all his songs .” The father replied .

Two days later , Luo's father died .

thereafter 8 year , Luo Dayou never released another album .

“ I couldn't write songs for a while , I have no strength to sing , I don't even like my own voice , Sing karaoke with friends OK I don't think so , Hear my own voice , Very annoying .”

Recalling the process of learning medicine , Luo Dayou found that his first operation was in his yard 、 Completed under the guidance of my father . The scalpel his father handed him , Except you can open your belly 、 Heal the wounded and rescue the dying , It can really heal a person's heart .

“ For me, , The biggest impact is not felt at all at the moment . You didn't realize it until one day . That's how father is , His influence on my life , I can't write a song for him .”

How to face his father's death ?

After a long time , Luo Dayou just figured it out .“ In my life , Can you show less of his shortcomings , More advantages ? Believe it , I didn't apologize to him , His life has also been better continued . ”

Fortunately, there's music , Repose thoughts and those secret feelings .

Many years later , When Mr. Rong and Miss Hu from Taiwan, China went to Cape Town, South Africa , Met a taxi driver Allen.Allen Hum a melody , Ask them if they've heard of it , They soon remembered the name of the song ――《 Love songs 1990》.

original ,Allen The first time I heard this song was in 1993 year . At that time , His mother often takes him to Chinese shops , Chinese shop owners often play this song . He remembered the melody , But I didn't remember my name .

20 Years have passed , He couldn't find the name of the song . Until I met the passengers .

Now ,Allen My mother has passed away . Whenever I miss my mother , He'll think of the song . He called the song his own "Mother Song".

Luo Dayou's music career , It began with a phone call I accidentally received in college .

The phone is a movie 《 Shining Days 》 Director Liu Weibin called . He was introduced by Luo Dayou's band drummer Wang Zhenghua in high school , Come and find Luo Dayou to compose music .

1977 year ,《 Shining Days 》 Start preparing , Starring Zhang Aijia and Liu Wenzheng , It's a story about Taiwanese bands playing music . The film opens with the theme song of the same name composed by Luo Dayou , He is also translated by Xu Zhimo 16 Christina, an English poet in the th century ・ Rossetti's score 《 song 》 Make a conclusion .

That year , Luo Dayou 23 year , He is studying medicine in Taichung , Freshman year .

《 Shining Days 》

Director Liu Weibin's request is ,“ Make some blues music , Sounds like rock 、 Deeper than folk songs .” at that time , Campus folk songs are very popular , Luo Dayou had a rebellious mentality , Think “ Country music is imitation anyway ”.

The idea is , They hit it off with Liu Weibin .

among , song 《 song 》 It's Luo Dayou's first song in his life , Although it has only melody .

1974 year , Luo Dayou is a sophomore in college , Just moved out of the school dormitory , Rented a small house outside . After writing the melody , The lyrics have been in a blank state , I don't know how to fill it out at all .

until 1976 year , He saw 《 Shining Days 》 The script , There is a poem translated by Xu Zhimo . thereafter , He has been thinking hard , Think about how to match it 《 song 》 The music of . About two months later , The rest of the soundtrack of the film has been completed , The only thing left is that it hasn't been written yet .

One day , He came from his residence 5 Climb upstairs 6 floor , Listen to the empty echo of the stairs , All of a sudden , Everything comes naturally .

After the film was released , Echo well , We have officially met Luo Dayou, a newcomer in the music world .

It's also because of the movie , Luo Dayou and Zhang Aijia , Form a couple who envy others . He has been writing for five years 《 childhood 》 To Zhang Aijia .

《 childhood 》 After the song became popular , Sung by countless people . But Zhang Aijia was the first singer in the world 《 childhood 》 People who .

Luo Dayou and Zhang Aijia

thereafter , Luo Dayou's music career has always been inextricably linked with movies .

《 The wind is blowing gently 》、《 If there is no dried wine for sale 》、《 The same moonlight 》、《 whether 》 And other popular songs are all written by him for the film .

1987 year , Luo Dayou moved to Hong Kong .

1988 year , Produced by Tsui Hark studio 、 Police and bandit film directed by Du Qifeng 《 City SWAT 》 premiere , With which they were put on the big screen , And two original music by Luo Dayou 《 What you look like 》 and 《 dream 》.

1989 year , Literary love film directed by Du Qifeng 《 A Lang's story 》 in , He continued to cooperate with Luo Dayou . He not only asked Luo Dayou and Dong Shijie to share the responsibility 《 A Lang's story 》 Music for , There will also be four theme songs in Cantonese and Mandarin 、 The creation of the episode was also entrusted to him .

and 《 What you look like 》 This song is once again favored by Du Qifeng , Used in 《 A Lang's story 》 in .

《 A Lang's story 》 The year it was released , Chow Yun fat is young , Wu Mengda is still alive .

After many years , Many people have changed , Only 《 What you look like 》, still 《 What you look like 》……

1990 Year to 1993 Year , Luo Dayou created it independently 《 Boat song 》、《 red dust 》、《 Love comrades 》、《 Orphans in Asia 》 And other songs have been widely recognized by the audience and Film Awards as film theme songs or soundtracks .

Only in 1990 Nomination for the 9th Hong Kong golden statue award in “ Best movie song ” Of the five works , Three of them were written by Luo Dayou ,“ Best Score ” The trophy was won by Luo Dayou and Dong Shijie 《 Eight Liang gold 》( also called 《 return to one 's hometown in silken robes 》) Income pocket .

1990 year , Luo Dayou is registered in Hong Kong “ Music Factory ”, Thus, the long-term cooperation with Lin Xi was officially started .

With the advantages of Cantonese Language , Lin Xi almost arranged it “ Music Factory ” All lyrics creation in the period , Luo Dayou is responsible for composing music , So that the two of them are more and more closely involved in the production of Hong Kong Films , With Li Huimin 、 Huang Yushan 、 Zhang Aijia and other directors also have cooperation .

The night of Hong Kong's return in 1997 , At the celebration, two of the top ten songs were written by Luo Dayou , a 《 Pearl of the East 》, a 《 Tomorrow will be better 》.

The two songs describe the vicissitudes and hesitation of the lost ethnic groups , It soothes the homesickness of Chinese immigrants .

among 《 Tomorrow will be better 》 Created in 1985 year . This song sung by the stars for public welfare , It expresses people's prayer for peace 、 Look forward to a better tomorrow .

Music travels through time and space .2020 year , Confidence in delivering the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic ,《 Tomorrow will be better 》 As a public welfare song, it was reinterpreted by the stars .

When writing this song , Luo Dayou 31 year .

1982 Years ago , Luo Dayou doesn't rock .

By Taiwan “ New Folk Song Movement ” Influence , Luo Dayou's early works with high popularity, such as 《 childhood 》、《 The story of time 》 Are typical campus ballads .

The former is written in 1976 year , The latter is written in 1980 year . In the early twenties , It is a good age when memories are like water and youth .

What prompted Luo Dayou to give up his career as a doctor , Playing rock music , And write such angry words ?

“ It should be influenced by the social atmosphere at that time . That year ( Taiwan ) Imported records are sold everywhere , I've listened to a lot of American rock and jazz , I should be influenced by these records when I play rock music .

In terms of lyrics , At that time ( Taiwan ) He has produced a group of good poets , I like reading Yu Guangzhong very much 、 New poems written by Luo Fu, Yang Mu and others , They have influenced the way of thinking and the development of thinking space .”

I graduated from medical school , Luo Dayou and Zhang Aijia set up a record company , He is excited to release his first album in his life 《 literary jargon 》.

However , The process was not smooth .

Luo Dayou & Zhang Aijia

Record companies think , The best part related to Luo Dayou is his star girlfriend Zhang Aijia . And he himself , Not only not handsome , The voice is thick and dumb , And out of tune , Singing is like holding a marinated egg. I can't pronounce clearly .

Luo Dayou ran into a wall everywhere with a music master tape , No one is going to help him make a record . Until I met Duan Zhongyi, the founder of rolling stone records .

1982 year , Luo Dayou is also an unknown new musician . This signing will be successful , It's purely because Duan Zhongyi is similar to Luo Dayou in music concept . Duan Zhongyi was like Luo Dayou at that time , Also with a shawl and long hair , I like listening from America 60 Rock music in the S .

however , For an independent brand that has just started , This cooperation is still full of adventure and gambler mentality .

Insiders once bet with Duan Zhongyi , say 《 literary jargon 》 At most 2000 Zhang . result , It's sold in Taiwan alone 20 Thousands of copies , Piracy is countless .

The adventure was a success .

This is the third edition published by Luo Dayou 1 A personal record , It's also the first from rolling stone records 9 A record . This record has opened a chapter in Luo Dayou's brilliant music history , It also established the supremacy of rolling stone records in the Chinese rock music world .

Li Zongsheng, widely sung by fans 、 Zhao Zhuan 、 Pan yueyun 、 Chyi Yu 、 Chyi Chin 、 Zhang Hongliang 、 Ren Xianqi 、 Mo Wenwei and others have signed rolling stone at some stage of their career , And the records made in rolling stone are often the best records in their singing career .

Later, magic rock culture, a sub brand of rolling stone, entered the Mainland , Help mainland musicians completely release their creativity , This is the Tang Dynasty Band and the three heroes of magic rock . All this , All started in 1982 This one came out in 《 literary jargon 》.

This record is so advanced , Drop a deep-water bomb in Chinese pop music , It soon swept the whole cultural world .

Luo Dayou's song is like a sword , Cut a hole in the ground , Sunlight poured through the slit .

His song is like a clear mountain spring , Flow on stone , Soothe the heart , And let the world heal .

Luo Dayou and his songs , Recorded that era , It is also the product of that era .

Luo Dayou

Xu Zhiyuan once asked Luo Dayou ,“ Make a record like Cohen and die 、 Sing to death , Does this life appeal to you ?”

at that time , Luo Dayou's answer is ,“ I think it's great , Do a line like a line . If a creative person , You can just publish a record before you die , It seems to predict something , I think it's good . Shouldn't soldiers die on the front line ?”

And about his musical pursuit and status in the Chinese pop music world , It can't be better to explain it with a sentence he once said .

“ What I care about is , I'm dead , My song is still sung . My music represents the style of a nation , This style is acceptable to this nation , You won't lose face . Luo Dayou's life , Enough is enough ! I don't need so much applause .”

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