Wang Sicong showed up to play with a low profile, dressed casually with a backpack alone, and was exposed to be accompanied by new beauties

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9 month 8 Japan , Wang Sicong played in Beijing Universal Studios , Encountered by many netizens .

Wang Sicong dressed casually , Simple white T T-shirt with shorts , And carried a backpack alone , There is no assistant to take care of . He's wearing a mask and sunglasses , And tie up your hair with a headband , Dress up like an ordinary boy , I can't see the value at all . He experiences amusement facilities with other tourists , It looks very close to the people , He kept a low profile .

Netizens saw Wang Sicong's photos , Some people joked that Sicong had to queue up with big and small bags . However, many netizens have found that , On Wang Sicong's neck VIP brand , Should be able to enjoy the privilege of free queuing .

Other netizens also posted photos of Wang Sicong , It turned out that his trip was the same as before , Surrounded by beautiful women . Wang Sicong is very considerate to his girlfriend , And squatting on the ground to take beautiful photos , I don't care if my clothes fall on the ground . He changed a small black bag on his shoulder , It's supposed to help the girl carry her belongings , Acting like a very gentleman .

Not long ago , Wang Sicong was also photographed driving a luxury car late at night to have a party with beautiful women . He also dressed casually that night , black T T-shirts and shorts are more comfortable , After dinner with a group of friends, I walked out of the hotel one after another . Behind him were two long legged beauties , One of the beauties is still carrying a big shopping bag , They accompanied Wang Sicong away with a smile .

Wang Sicong's love life has always attracted much attention , Every appearance will trigger netizens' speculation . But as a handsome and rich young man , It is inevitable to be favored by beautiful women , I look forward to his early announcement of a new relationship .

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