Angela Baby married Huang Xiaoming and got plenty of resources, but make complaints about his performance.

Oriental Infotainment 2021-09-15 08:35:45

You must mention Yang Ying , The most impressive thing about Yang Ying is that she is Huang Xiaoming's wife , Huang Xiaoming gave her a grand century wedding , Invited more than half of the news in the entertainment industry . You know, Yang Ying was still an unknown model , There was no fire when I met Huang Xiaoming , Huang Xiaoming was already red in half the sky , So this couple seems to many people , Instead, Yang Ying took advantage of Huang Xiaoming .

In fact, Yang Ying was not famous before she married Huang Xiaoming , As a young model, Yang Ying is not very famous in the modeling industry , And in her early years, Yang Ying had problems with her teeth , Looks are not too outstanding . Although after that, Yang Ying had orthodontics , But it is still questioned about cosmetic surgery . Yang Ying once went to the hospital for this , Let someone else's doctor identify her , And the public appraisal results showed that she didn't have cosmetic surgery .

The doctor said : In fact, I can feel the mandibular angle , No surgery at all , It's still the physiological shape of the mandibular angle , There was no trace of opening the corner of the eye , The outer corner of the eye is also normal , I haven't driven it . Anyway , Yang Ying's face is really pink now .

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