Official announcement! The eight E-sports projects of the next Asian Games were officially selected, and the hot game sector ushered in a new explosion point?

TechWeb 2021-09-15 08:34:39

Yesterday, , The official website of the Asian Olympic Council , Announced 8 One was selected 2022 The e-sports project of Hangzhou Asian Games . Namely : Glory of Kings 、 BFS legend 、 Dream of Three Kingdoms 、DOTA2、FIFA、 Game for Peace 、 Hero alliance 、 Street Fighter .

It is worth mentioning that , Influenced by the explosion of the concept of meta universe , E-sports and cloud games 、 The performance of mobile game concept continues to be strong this week , Catch up with the metauniverse “ Free ride ” The plate is full of stocks 20cm harden . Electronic sports 8 The official announcement of an Asian Games project , Or it will bring new explosive points for the continuation of the plate Market .

The characteristics of E-sports events are similar to those of traditional sports events , In recent years, it has been gradually recognized by international mainstream sports organizations , Attention and influence increased rapidly , And present the system Alliance 、 Younger users 、 Diversified development characteristics of events .2018 At the Jakarta Asian Games , E-sports has already appeared in the Asian Games as a demonstration project , Quite high profile .2020 By the end of year , The... Was held in the Sultanate of Oman 38 The plenary session of the Asian Olympic Council approved E-sports to become 2022 The official project of Hangzhou Asian Games . Since then, which E-sports games can become official projects have attracted much attention , And the result came out today .

Among the e-sports projects announced this time , Hero alliance 、 The legend of King glory and hearthstone has appeared at the Jakarta games . In addition to these three items , Other E-sports events entered the Asian Games for the first time , But they have been active in folk E-sports events for several years .

In the past year , The growth rate of e-sports industry is higher than that of game market . During the epidemic , Many traditional sports events have been suspended , E-sports has become a new industrial force , And led to the recovery of the sports industry , It has become an important engine for the economic development of many cities . According to iResearch ,2020 In, the overall market scale of E-sports exceeded 1450 One hundred million yuan , The growth mainly comes from the rapid development of mobile e-sports game market and E-sports ecological market . Due in 2021 The e-sports market will break through 1800 One hundred million yuan .

In his opinion , E-sports has become an official project of the Hangzhou Asian Games 、 The IOC held the Olympic virtual series for the first time 、 Many places continue to overweight E-sports policy 、 New e-games continue to go online , Are the driving force driving the sustainable growth of e-sports industry .

E-sports in China has experienced 20 The development of , At present, it is in the stage of explosive growth . E-sports capital market investment heat 2020 It has also continued to pick up since , The head of the e-sports event operator 、 E-sports content enterprises 、 E-sports clubs are the main investment targets , At the same time, the head platform is also improving its strength through M & A .

The penguin think tank says , In standardizing 、 On the basis of specialization , China's E-sports will enter a new round of industrial explosion in the past two years .

The financial association combs 2022 The e-sports concept stocks related to the Hangzhou Asian Games are as follows :

Skyworth Digital cooperates with Tencent Ministation Game consoles , Exclusive bearing 《 Glory of Kings 》.

No. 100 holding has a game agent 、 operating 、 Promoters dazzle color interaction , It has “ Love games ” and “ China Game Center “ Good alliance ”“WeFun” Such as platform , Distribute more than 10000 games , among 《 Glory of Kings 》 It is the third largest customer of love game .

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