Extreme challenge ends the battle and five sons ascend the throne

Life journey 2021-09-15 08:32:25

Last weekend ,《 Extreme challenge treasure line 》 Ushered in the last issue of this year . This program was recorded in Anji, Zhejiang Province , It's called “ Bamboo town of China ”,《 ambush on all sides 》 The bamboo sea in the film is taken from here .

The seven guests in this issue have four roles , They are leaves 、 The chair 、 village 、 Bamboo . among , Two of the first three roles , Bamboo characters only 1 people . The last part of the program , It's a dispute between talents .

After the talent is determined , Let him choose the other 3 Guests with different roles stand on the authentication platform , The four people who succeeded in the verification won the victory of this program .

With the top help of teacher Qin Hao , Zhang Binbin successfully won the title of talent , And win the game . This year's extreme treasure line , Mr. Qin Hao is a well deserved teacher . Under his influence and help , Many young guests have also grown rapidly , Maybe this is the power of inheritance , It is also the embodiment of extremely challenging spirit .

                  ——2021 year 9 month 9 Japan

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