Wang Ou holding hands, isn't he Jiuhua? Netizens dig deep into their true identity, and Wang Ou has publicly confessed to him

Tencent Entertainment 2021-09-15 08:32:02

9 month 9 Number , The media exposed Wang Ou's suspected new relationship , Although Wang Ou did not explain or admit anything , But since they went back to the hotel together , Plus the next day, they walked out of the door hand in hand , There are signs that the relationship between the two is by no means simple .

Then netizens play detective spirit , Deep grilling the man . It was found that the man was suspected to be crosstalk actor he Jiuhua , The difference between the two 4 year , There is not much intersection , But because he Jiuhua pays attention to Wang OU on social networks , And the Pinyin letter of Wang Ou's name on the mobile phone case , He Jiuhua said live that sister Lang likes Wang ou , So it is concluded that this person is he Jiuhua .

In response to this speculation , A large number of netizens denied , According to Wang Ou's character and the status of the entertainment circle , Her eyes are not so bad . Although he Jiuhua is an artist of Deyun society , But their own conduct has not been recognized by the outside world , But many times because “ False things ” Was questioned by netizens , Including education, boasting and so on .

If this person is not he Jiuhua , So who is it ?

Then some netizens found out , The figure of this man is very similar to Han Yu dancing , Whether it's the head shape or small details everywhere, they all have the same point .

So who is Han Yu ? It is not difficult to know by consulting the data , Han Yu has participated in 《 I'm going to Spring Festival Gala 》、《 China talent show 》、 as well as 《 this ! Is the street dance 》.

The fate of two people originated from 《 this ! Is the street dance 》, By contrast , Han Yu's appearance and future achievements are several grades higher than he Jiuhua , And the coffee is also relatively similar , The age difference is seven years , The overall career is quite consistent , Also in line with Wang Ou's vision .

Last September , Wang Ou is fighting call link , Incarnate little fan sister to express Han Yu . From auditions to finals , Wang Ou has always liked Han Yu very much , In addition, Han Yu's own quality is also very excellent , Know how to care for the younger generation . Wang Ou was deeply fascinated by Han Yu's behavior in a series of competitions , That's why there's a fight call In the video .

If you follow this preference , Plus Wang Ou is not a love brain , It's also wiser , Know which one to love or be loved , From this we can infer that , This man is probably Han Yu . As for he Jiuhua, although he Jiuhua is very similar in some small details , But conduct does not conform to .

Wang Ou has been single for many years , From Zhang Ge to Hawick Lau , Although the relationship is not all solid , But both of them are much better than he Jiuhua , To sum up , Han Yu is very likely .

But this kind of thing doesn't wait for the real hammer , You can't draw a conclusion at all , Because there is the possibility of change at any time .

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