22-year-old wanghong official remarried! The identity of the man is controversial. There are 3 divorces and 2 abortions within 3 years

Oriental Infotainment 2021-09-15 08:31:59

9 month 9 Japan ,22 Han Anran, a - year-old online celebrity, posted his marriage certificate on the social platform and took photos of the official announcement , She said :“ Spend the rest of our lives together ”, Because Han Anran is not married for the first time , Therefore, it has attracted the attention and hot discussion of netizens .

On the marriage certificate issued by Han Anran, the two wore exquisite clothes “ Lovers ” clothes , Whether it's exquisite facial features or height cp Feels dye-in-the-wood , It can be said that a man of talent and a woman of good looks .

In addition, netizens noticed that the man in the photo looks like a hybrid , The hair is longer , Three dimensional facial features and deep eye sockets , Therefore, his identity also triggered netizens' speculation , But because Han Anran didn't elaborate, we didn't know the man's background .

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