He was born in a hearing-impaired family and had been depressed for four years

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《 Black storm 》 In , There is a character named Gao Mingyuan , Circle a lot of fans , When he plays with others , All seem very tense , The first is when he looks at Sun Honglei , Even one look between them , It's like fighting for several rounds , His face was gloomy , It's like acting a character alive So netizens praised him .

In fact, what many people don't know is , Wang Zhifei was born in poverty . He was born in a deaf mute family , But fortunately, he has his own interest and toughness , Finally, I realized the counter attack of life by my own efforts . He succeeded in the counter attack 、 After becoming an actor , He has always been improving his acting skills , Although many people think , He may look decent , But it's definitely not a handsome level But he relies on his acting skills and works , Get a foothold in the show business , In the materialistic entertainment circle , An old drama like him , On the contrary, it can get more appreciation and welcome .

When he entered the Chinese drama , He is addicted to acting in plays , I found that drama is also a good form of expression , Can be between heaven and earth , Play a person's joys and sorrows . stay 1987 In the year , He graduated from Chinese opera and made his debut , But during that time , He's not very popular , For four years , until 1999 year , His career began to take off , Created many wonderful images , These images of him are full of tension , And the span is also relatively large , There are many types of roles , Not just clinging to a certain image . He not only played a historical play like the Qin Empire , The important reformer Shang Yang ; He also played villains , For example, he is in 《 Silent witness 》 Inside , As a killer , It's more popular , Although he looks decent , But the villain has no problem . In career , In this way, he continues to flourish .

Wang Zhifei 2005 I fell in love with Zhang Xinyi in , But then , He already has a family , So he tried hard to divorce his wife , It took two years , Finally divorced his original wife , Then walked into the palace of marriage , What I didn't expect , This relationship has gone through many twists and turns , It will come to an end seven years later , The curtain is down .

later , He met again, younger than him 15 A year old girl , He himself said in a program , He married first and then loved , He found that the marriage, whether careful or not , All the same , Whether it's flash marriage , Or a marriage that took many years to manage , May end up with the same result .

author : Li Jingyuan

Coordinating editor : Dingdang cat

source : Lime gossip

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