This Disney movie for children made the old mother cry

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writing | Mom Mimi ( The official account of the rice grains )

I took rice grains to see it last weekend 《 Summer friendship day 》. Disney + Pixar CO produced , The quality is naturally not said , All English dubbing , Watch the movie and create a... For the divine beast at the same time “ Immersive ” English environment .( Digression , The story takes place in Italy , So the voice actors speak with an Italian accent , It's so cute

This is a story with friendship as the theme , Tells the story of the friendship between Luca and Alberto , They left the ocean together , Go to the long-awaited human world for adventure , Started an unforgettable summer growth journey .

Leave the ocean , After exposure to human civilization , Luca's vision is also constantly being broadened , This also makes Luca's pace faster and faster , even to the extent that , The seaside town has been unable to satisfy his thirst for knowledge .

Rather than 《 Summer friendship day 》 It's a story about friendship , Mi Li's mother thinks , This is a story about letting go .

Children are not as vulnerable as you think

The protagonists Luca's family are sea monsters living in the sea , Because of different species , Sea monsters have natural hostility and fear towards humans . therefore , Luca's mother told me not to leave the ocean .( In the sea are sea monsters , Will become human on land

However , His parents' dissuasion made Luca more and more curious about land .

An occasional chance , He met Alberto, who was also a sea monster , But unlike Luca , Alberto is a sea monster living on land .

However , Everything on land is taboo for Luca , Want to break through the fear and cognition of land and mankind , It's really hard .

There is a scene in the film that impresses me very much : In a dream , Luca wants to rush out of the sea , When he tried to pop his head out of the water , The sea was like a layer of plastic wrap, which firmly blocked him , No matter how hard he struggles, he can't break through .

But in fact , Can this barrier really not be conflicted ? Absolutely not , Difficult to conflict , It's just indecision in my heart .

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