The collapse history of "big man" Guo Tao, his story is far worse than you think

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“2013 year , Stone's mother Li Ran, you've worked hard , At home and outside , To save , From morning till night , You never complain that I don't accompany you because of filming all year round , And occasionally put up with my bad temper ……”

This is the heartfelt words of a good man .

Can say such gentle words , He must be a good man .

He is Guo Tao .

In the play, he is a changeable man , Outside the play, he is a good father .

He used to be a model for all men .

I've seen Guo Tao's 《 Parental love 》, Will be deeply moved .

Two people from different family backgrounds , Come together .

And then get married and have children , Through countless twists and turns , from 20 To the age of 60 year .

Life is in a hurry for decades , Reincarnation of all the love and hate in the world .

Guo Tao can play such a role so vividly , Is it the same in reality ?

It's not .

If you go deep into Guo Tao's family concept and find out , May be startled !

In his marriage , It's full of violence and all kinds of frightening male chauvinism .

In Guo Tao's bones , It still continues “ If you don't fight, you won't make it ” The way of education .

Disrespect for women 、 Contempt , He thinks it's nothing at all .

Actually , When you really enter Guo Tao's world , Can find , original , His story is far worse than we think !

One 、

Guo Tao was born in an art home in Xi'an .

Both parents graduated from the Academy of drama , They have been influenced since childhood , Have a strong interest in drama .

However , The family is not as happy as we thought .

The family has been full of quarrels since childhood .

So Guo Tao often falls into the confusion of life .

When I grow up , What role should you play ?

This is a deep problem .

At that time , He is also in great pain .

Parents don't care about Guo Tao at all , Instead, he is very good to Guo Tao's sister .

Guo Tao in order to get the love of his parents , On a hunger strike to protest .

His mother was distressed to see his son go on hunger strike , I want to persuade Guo Tao .

result , The father stopped the mother .

So stubborn Guo Tao was hungry for a few days , A man fainted in the yard .

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